Friday, November 8, 2013

Having kids is like....

Some days having kids for me is like a big kick in the crotch.  Sorry to be so blunt, but is.  The other day the boys got ready for school early and drew these:

 Adorable right?  The boys love me.  Nate wrote his name on the picture and had to edit it per Aidan.  WOO!  Glad he did!  lol.

So I was flying high for a few days.  Then I went to Nate's class to volunteer.  I am the "Thursday Communicator" stuffer.  Basically I stuff flyers into folders every Thursday.  While I was leaving his classroom I checked out the classroom bulletin board in the hall. I found Nate's turkey.  Here it is:

 He is thankful for:
  • His video games
  • his friends
  • his baby sister
  • his dad
  • his brother
That's all.

I know it is irrationally stupid for me to take offence by what a 5 year old wrote, but DANG IT, I wanted to be on a feather.

One of my friends wrote this on my wall on Facebook and it made me feel better, but it is amazing how much the short people can make you feel.  ALL THE FEELS!!  

" I'm going with you being the turkey that's holding it all together....and I call you a turkey in the nicest way possible."

Sometimes you get to be the turkey and other times the feather I suppose.

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