Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Little Passports...Month Five... Pssttt....and a Giveaway!

Working with Little Passports  as an affiliate has been awesome. (affiliate links in post) I really enjoy the learning experience it provides to my children.  What other way do you get to travel to other countries EVERY month?  When we got this month's package in the mail and I saw it was from Egypt I might have become irrationally giddy...especially when I peeked and saw this inside the envelope:

 What is that you ask? JUST A PYRAMID EXCAVATION KIT. GAH!

So. I put my excitement aside and we did the rest of the packet first.

 This month was really great! Lots of involvement from the kiddos. I really like when the map is utilized.

 We had to find Egypt.

 Then they had a "unscramble the word" activity. All the words were cities/bodies of water in or around Egypt. So lots of map usage.  With the invention of the internet, I really think that maps rarely get used. I love that with Little Passports they don't have a choice.  They HAVE to study the map!  

After the map work there was a "mystery word" challenge when you had to match the hieroglyph to a letter. There were two letters that had the same hieroglyph.  Luckily I was there and figured it out. Mom to the RESCUE!

Nate did the "which camel is different" puzzle.  It was very thought provoking as seen by the photo. 

Worksheet done!  Now it was PYRAMID TIME!!!!!  

Inside the pyramid you get one of two statues.  The pyramid is made of plaster. We took our little tools and started chiseling....

...and chiseling....

...and more chiseling... Then..we struck gold! Literally!!!

...and we chiseled more.

It was at this point I thought...huh....water washes away plaster...and I ran to the sink and started rinsing it off.

SNAP went the plaster and thankfully it did. My fingers were TIRED.  I seriously worked for what had to be 30 minutes before remembering this.  If you get this set remember WATER.

I managed to wiggle the head out and rinsed it off!!!  EXCITEMENT!!! The boys were fighting over it, so into the suitcase it goes so they can BOTH enjoy it!

Little Passports  did NOT disappoint this month.  AH-MAZING.  

It is not to late to head over to the website and get an order in for Christmas!  There are many different packages to choose from!  Being a mom of three I HIGHLY recommend this.  A gift that teaches, inspires, lasts for months, and WON'T get lost under a tree.

Oh yeah...I mentioned a giveaway, huh?  Well....thanks to the AMAZING people over at Little Passports they are offering a FREE three month subscription to one lucky reader. You can choose either the World Edition (what I receive and review) or the USA Edition. The USA Edition is good for kids aged 7 and up.  You can read more about it HERE and enter the giveaway down below!   GREAT NEWS!!!! This is open to US AND CANADA!!! YAY!

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Disclaimer: Little Passports provided me with this box free of charge to review.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review.  All pictures and opinions are my own.


  1. I want this soooooooo badly!! I even signed up for folowing more people than I normally would for extra entries!! :)

    1. I will cross my fingers for you! This seriously has been an AMAZING company to work with.

  2. Great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity :)