Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My toddler might be trying to kill me...photo evidence inside....V was here.

We have known for a while that V is a hoarder of food.  You have to keep an eye on her pretty darn close some days.  She hides left over food in odd places.  Her main place is the back compartments in her ride on toys and her tricycle.  

We have had this tricycle for about 6 years now.  My grandma bought it for Aidan at his first birthday and all the kids have ridden it.
Much to Eric's dismay I plan on keeping it FOREVER and forcing grandchildren to ride it one day.

I felt like writing a nostalgia post about this bike, how all my kids have learned to ride on it, yadda yadda yadda.

V's favorite thing to do is to take the handles off. So this morning I went on a hunt for the handle covers and found them.

I grabbed the naked bike...

And V ran over and jumped on it.

I coaxed her off and this happened...

 Huh...interesting.  I looked inside....What is that?

Well....lookie what I found....

V is OBSESSED with these little screw drivers. She is always trying to "fix"her toys.  Apparently she now hides them.

I might need to sleep with one eye open.

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