Sunday, December 1, 2013

5 random things about me

I realized that lately I am turning into a mostly reviewing page.  While those types of pages are awesome, I want more substance going on in here.  So....I thought I would give you some random facts about me.  Kinda like a "get to know you".  Feel free to tell me some random fact about you in the comments.
  1.  I like ketchup. I like tomato sauce.  I could eat salsa for days...but I would rather pull out my tongue than eat a tomato.
  2. I am scared of bridges, but not bridges over water, unless they are double decker bridges.  I know one day I will either have the top level crush me OR I will drive off the top.  Irrational, I admit it.
  3. If I could eat Hostess Snoballs all day, I would.
  4. I can't sit still and do nothing. I have no clue how people do that.  My hands are always busy.
  5. When I was 16 I went to NYC.  I was shopping, looked across the rack, and Rod Stewart was there.  The shop guys were freaking out, the t-shirts sold for $600, and his hair looks bigger in person.
There you have it.  Random Sarah trivia.  Tell me something about you!


  1. I'm scared of bridges too.... Hubby would tell you a funny story of how I crossed this super long giant bridge one night with my foot on the gas, not letting up and crying the entire way across because I had no way to avoid it..LMAO (in my defense.. it was one of those bridges that can open up to let boats through! what if it opened up and I fell in!)

    1. See. I would be ok with that. Over the water and all. I think I rationalize that I can float. lol

  2. Love your blog - so creative :-) i just started blogging as well - please have a look at my blog and let me know what you think?