Monday, December 30, 2013

Blessings (A Flatten Me book review)

This review is WAY over due.  It has been a silly month for me. Sickness after sickness. I am finally feeling well and ready to review again!

Flatten Me has done it again!  You might remember the other book reviews I have done for them, Multicolored Kid and ABC & 123.    This time, the book is a much different style.  I picked the other two before for their artsy look. It was very cut & paste looking, if that makes sense.  I knew the coloring and style was something that V would love, and she does!

This time Flatten Me approached me about doing a review for "Blessings" Of course I said yes, even before I looked at it online.  Their books are amazing.  They told me the style was much different from the other two, so I actually didn't look at it until it came in!  Here it is!

As the cover says, it is written by New York Times Best Selling Author Robyn Spizman.  The pictures are GORGEOUS.  This book is VERY fantasy looking.  

Now, bear with me here and follow me.  Remember the Trapper Keepers of the 80's with the FABULOUS covers? The pictures remind me of them.  THIS IS A GOOD THING. They are bright and colorful and VERY well drawn.

The story line in this one is exactly what you would expect from the title.  It is all about blessings and what you wish for them.  On their site it says the book is good for ages 0-6.  I would say this is true for a boy.  A lot of the pictures are very fantasy looking.  I can't picture Aidan and Nate getting into it.  For a girl though, I think this can go older than the suggested age of 6. I know when I was little I would have loved looking at this.  Especially once I could read it on my own!

This book comes with two options: Hardback (what I have) $34.95 and paperback for $29.95 and is just able to be personalized with the name.  

It takes about a week and a half for production.  Not bad at all for a personalized book!  Follow these links below to keep up with them and check out all the other awesome items they offer!

I received this book in compensation for my review.  Even though, all opinions are my own.

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