Friday, January 24, 2014

Chalkboard / Dry Erase Board love

Most moms I know have some piece of IKEA furniture for the kiddos. Living 20 minutes from an IKEA,I have a lot.  My favorite piece has to be their Mala easel.  It is a dry erase/chalkboard combo and pretty cheap at only $14.99. I love it so much I am actually on my second.  Not because it is broken, but because my kids drew on the wood with marker and it drives me insane looking at it.

V LOVES to use it dry erase side and the last time I went to IKEA I bought some of their dry erase markers.  They worked, but since they were for a three year old, they got left open and dried out.  

I was walking through Target picking up a gift for a friends daughter and I saw these and thought "What the heck." and bought them:

BEST PURCHASE EVER. They have a sharpener on the back, which I haven't used yet.  It also comes with a black wiping cloth and the crayons are a pretty good size!

V is obsessed with drawing on the board and having me erase it.   There are eight colors in the box and they all are rather vivid on the board.  They are also PERFECTLY sized for her hands.

Incase you can't tell from her masterpiece,that is all of us at the top (see the face?). That is also her name at the bottom and "kiss kiss kiss. hug hug hug"

The cloth, in my opinion, is pretty useless.  These crayons stay on super well.  With a normal dry erase marker you can swipe at it and it comes off. These come off cleanly, but it takes some elbow grease.   I REALLY had to scrub to get it off with just the cloth.

I have been using a little bottle of "dry erase board cleaner" but that can get  pricey. You know what works well? RUBBING ALCOHOL.  Grab a spray bottle, LABEL IT, and keep it up high and ready to use in a flash!  

*This recommendation is not sponsored endorsed by anyone. I bought and used it on my own.  I totally think you should too.

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