Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY crayons!

Nate's birthday is in exactly a month and he has decided on a "pizza & Lego" theme...which is awesome because I don't have to cook.

The downside is, have you SEEN the cost of Legos?  I know that I can't give out baggies of Lego's to attendees, due to limited funds, so I did the next best thing. I made them.

If you have kids, and I am guessing you do since you are reading this, I am going to assume you have a box/bag that looks like this in your house somewhere:

 A huge box of broken, lonely crayons.  You get them at restaurants, parties, stockings.  It seems that they are everywhere kids go.  I also may have an obsession with crayons and enjoy purchasing them at back to school times.  I LOVE a new box of crayons. I also hate throwing them away.  My kids, and maybe myself, won't use them after they are broken or dull. So this is a PREFECT crayon busting project!

First thing you want to do is get a silicone tray. I bought this one from Amazon.  Any will do really, you just need to make sure it is safe for the oven.

Next,grab that huge box of crayon nubs and peel off all the paper. If you have a kid hanging around, enlist them for this part! V loved doing it!

You are now left with this:

 Grab your tray (I put mine on a baking sheet) *The baking sheet is optional. This tray is rather small and when I tried to get it out of the oven the first time, I spilled wax.  Oops.

And breakup the crayons and stick them in the holes. Remember, the wax WILL melt down. Totally okay to have them sticking up.  I kept mine in the same color family in the different cavities.  You can totally make crazy crayons and mix the colors up.  All up to you!  This is also another good place to have the kiddos help.  V was snapping away this morning.

Take your tray (on your sheet) and place it in a preheated to 250F oven.  You need to keep an eye on it.  These took about 15 minutes to fully melt. All depends on the size of the tray. I would start at 5 minutes and keep checking.

Once they are melted pull out the tray.  CAREFULLY (since it is hot wax) transfer the silicone tray to a different baking sheet and place that in the freezer for about 15 minutes.  This step is optional.  They will set up either way.  The freezer just quickens the process.

Once they are hardened, push out the crayons from the underside of the tray and viola!  Little homemade Lego crayons!

The tray I used made little Lego crayons that are the same size as little Lego men! Cute huh?

Come back another day to see what I do with the second silicone tray I received!

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