Thursday, January 30, 2014

I call shenanigans

That's it.  I call shenanigans.  What is it I call shenanigans on you ask?  The coffee industry.

This morning, like usual, I went to make coffee. I was ALMOST out in my coffee tin and realized that I have enough for three cups.  THREE CUPS.  Three cups would get me through the morning.  I mean, the kids are home on a "snow day"...we have no snow.

So I scoop out the coffee, measure the water, and wait.  It smells so lovely.  I pour my cup, add in my creamer (all measured out...thanks My Fitness Pal!), and drink it. Heaven.  I go for a refill, grab the pot, and pour.  What happens?  I BARELY have half a cup.

I head to Facebook in outrage and type a status update to Cuisinart (who will never see it)

Dear Cuisinart,

I made three cups of coffee. THREE (finishing the bag). How is it I only was able to fill up my standard size coffee cup one and a half times?

To which to my amazement one of my friends pointed out that a cup of coffee is only 8oz.  THEN another friend said "No.  6 ounces"

Could it be? I ran and grabbed my bag and checked it out:

 What in the world.  So here is my normal cup of coffee. A bit of cream added.  Just your average size cup.

Since black won't show the amount well, I switched to a white cup of the same size and dyed my water blue. I am getting real, yo.

On the left is a standard jelly jar with six ounces of "coffee" and the coffee cup.  Looks about even, right?

Look what happens.

V found it crazy and exciting. SCIENCE ON THURSDAYS!!!

To get a "full" cup I had to add another FOUR OUNCES.  FOUR OUNCES.

So, my ONE cup of coffee is actually closer to one and a half. 

Here is where the shenanigans is being called.

FIRST:  Who decided that 6oz is the proper amount of coffee?  That barely gives you half a cup. Even if you are like my crazy friend Holli over at An Ordinary Blog, she puts in 2 oz of milk. You STILL would not be filling your cup.

SECOND: If 6 oz is the "proper" amount, why are all my cups huge?  Can the cup makers and coffee producers not get together on this?

How do I suppose to judge how much coffee to make when guests come over now???  I use to think "Oh....10 cups of coffee makes enough for TEN MUGS OF COFFEE." This obviously is not the case.

Shame on you coffee producers and mug makers for fooling me.  Shame. On. You.

*I actually love coffee way more than I should and now I need to go make more.  GO CAFFEINE!

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