Thursday, January 23, 2014

I get to host a #DisneySide @ Home Celebration!

I am SO excited guys.  I get to host a #DisneySide @ Home Celebration.  What is that you ask?  Basically,in a nut shell, I get to throw a fun Disney themed party sponsored by,you guessed it, Disney!  

I haven't received my kit yet.  I like to think it is partying up with the other boxes before it gets here.  I am sure it will be WELL worth the wait.  Disney teamed up with American Tourister and HP, so I am sure whatever is coming will be fantastic.

Being the person that I am, waiting is driving me CRAZY.  I LOVE to plan and not knowing what is coming in my kit is driving me bananas,in a good way.  I decided instead of a particular theme,to choose a "general Disney" theme.  I think this way we can reach all of our guests equally.  I don't know about your kids,but my boys won't be too keen on a princess party.  So,because of this I am looking up just plain Disney themed party ideas.

I found cupcakes.

I found Hidden Mickey Cupcakes.

I decided with something like this I HAD to do a trial run.  I can't risk messing up the cupcakes for a party!

If you don't know,when you walk around Disney Mickey is hidden everywhere, so why not the food?  I tried out the recipe and I think it turned out AWESOME.

A few things about this.

First...this is NOT an easy thing to do. It looks all easy, but yeah....nope. This was my first try ever,so I thought it turned out well.

Second..the brown is....brownies.

Third...these directions I am linking you to CAME FROM A CHEF AT DISNEY WORLD. This is EXACTLY how they make these. AMAZING.

Do you think you will try them?

Run over HERE to see the step by step guide!  (And to see the expertly made cupcake) Have a magical desert and keep up with me in the next few weeks to see more fun #DisneySide posts!