Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, Newish Me - January

HI there, you!  If you are observant you have probably noticed a new tab up there at the top.    Go look, I'll wait.....

So this year, is a year of change for me.  I want to get in better heath, mindest, and more organized for me and my family.    I was listening to the radio this week and they had an astrologist on discussing the coming year.  She said that we are at the end of the slump and next year starts the age of Aquarius.

Is it bad that I really love that song? Guilty pleasure, I guess. The Age of Aquarius, according to the astrologist, suppose to be great for everyone! Why not get prepared?

So, every month I am doing one thing that I can change for the good.

Since it is all about change from the inside out, I have decided that this month, I am detoxing. Why detoxing you ask?  Plain and simple answer, a company contacted me and asked if I wanted to.  So, I said sure.  Of course this detox isn't going to be a lifestyle change, I can't detox forever, but I feel like it is a good starting point for my transformation.

Once the kiddos go back to school, and I see how my body reacts to this cleanse, I might whip out the treadmill, or just save that until next month.

So, follow along with me this year and maybe try some little changes for yourself!  Is there anything you would like to work on this year?

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