Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quick and Easy Back of the Sink Upgrade!

QUICK!  Can you tell what drives me insane about this picture? (Other that the lack of caulk at the base of the tile...::cough cough::Eric::cough cough::)

I'll give you a bigger hint.

I have ABSOLUTELY no idea why that darn bottle drives me insane, but I hate looking at it.  Not that my house is spotless or uncluttered, but seeing a bottle of dish soap on the back of the sink drives me insane.  I can do hand soap, but not dish soap.  Maybe because it reminds me of chores to be completed and I don't like to clean.  Who knows.

NOT having soap readily available isn't a good thing either.  With V around, I can't keep it under the sink.  Not because I am scared of her drinking it or anything like that.  I am more concerned that she is going to find the soap and decide it is lotion and slather it all over herself.  She does that.

So I went to The Container Store and bought a Quattro Stagioni Cruet.  What's that?  A fancy oil bottle.  Whenever the soap starts getting low I fill it back up!  I was almost out of the orange soap in the bottle.  Blue and orange kind of makes a funky color, huh?

I think this looks a LOT better than the bottle. 

Also, as an added bonus you have to really try to get the soap out.  You have to shake it a bit.  Why is that good?  YOU USE LESS SOAP!  I have a VERY heavy hand when it comes to using a normal bottle of dish soap.  This makes me conserve it.  

See!  It looks fantastic with my hand soap.  That is another bottle I have been refilling for years. I worked at a salon and stocked up before I left.  :)  I am running low after 7 years.  If I happen to have any friends who can get some backbar Aveda soap LET ME KNOW! last thing before I go. Coffee cans, in this case an empty espresso can, makes a FANTASTIC holder of paint brushes and watercolors. V  loves to go to the sink, pull up a chair, and declare it "PAINT TIME!" and she grabs her supplies and heads to the table. 

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