Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sports and the kids (what not to do as a parent)

My kids, Aidan especially, LOVE to play sports.  So far he plays soccer and basketball. He wants to play football, but I am not sure if I am ready for that.

You would think going to a little kids basketball game wouldn't be a hard thing to do. At this age there are no winners or losers.  It is basically just the kids having fun and playing.  We try to encourage the kids to play their best and have fun.  Heck, Nate didn't even know how to dribble until this year. He can now!  Well...a few times.

What astounds me is other parents.  I cheer on BOTH sides of game.  Of course I cheer louder for "our" team, but if a kiddo on the other team makes a great shot, I will clap. 

Aidan is on a 7 & 8 year old team this year.  He has ALWAYS been the tall kid, but not now.   He is actually one of the shorter kids on the team.  The other week, Aidan was fouled and got to shoot a couple of foul shots.  He tried his hardest and ended up shooting an airball.  What did the couple behind me do?  Laugh.  THEY LAUGHED.  How can someone laugh at a CHILD trying their hardest?  I shot them both a look and they shut it.  But still.  They laughed at a kid.   MY KID.  I had to control myself. It was NOT an easy thing to do.

Then the dad (?) had the NERVE to start talking about his sports glasses. Yes, my son wears glasses.  Yes, his sports glasses look like goggles with a strap.  Would I really want them to fall off and break?  Seriously.  Is there a need to laugh at children these days?  Luckily the wife (?)had enough sense to realize they were for sports and told him so.

When did it become okay to laugh at a child?  You know what?  IT ISN'T.  Sports should be about having fun, getting some exercise, and doing your best.  

My kids may not be the best at the sports they try, but at least they are trying.

Just remember the next time you decide to laugh at someone on the court, you are laughing at someone's kid and they might be sitting in front of you trying to figure out how NOT to punch you.

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