Tuesday, January 21, 2014

V turned 3! (about a month and a half ago...)

I am in the middle of getting Nate's sixth birthday party put together.  I printed and sent out invitations to kids in his class.  My friend designed a banner for me. I got that printed, cut out, and laminated.  Then I realized something...I never showed you V's third birthday!  I guess that is what happens when you come down with the plague.

So here are some highlights from her THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!  Well...more like a whole ton of pictures of her cuteness.

The night before your birthday, the birthday bird comes into your room and leaves you a small gift.  I am pretty sure that we are the only people in the world the birthday bird visits.  This year, he brought Bubble Puppy from Bubble Guppies.  I love Bubble Puppy.

You get this picture because she is cute.

You get this picture because she is even cute pouting.

Cute with a made face.

And even cute with a fake smile. lol

Here she is holding up her fingers saying she is 3. 

We decided to do a pirate & princess party.  I bought the wrong tip for the icing. oops.  I still think the cake turned out pretty!

Since I never know how many people are coming, I made cupcakes as well as a cake.  These little toppers came from Hobby Lobby.

For favors I made princess wands. I kind of threw these together the night before. I think they turned out amazingly!

Since there were boys and girls coming, I made the wands, bought two different types of bandannas, diamond rings, and eye patches.  The bandannas,patches, and rings were also from Hobby Lobby.

I also bought some "make your own crown" kits.  The kids had fun with those.

I even had some friends come in from out of state!  I was so glad that they could make it! Feel free to go check out Kate over here for fantastic financial information!

V had fun opening her gifts. She really loved everything she got!   Dolls were a big hit this year.

Cake time we filed into the kitchen and V got into the "cake chair".  Happy Birthday was sung, of course.

She was not to sure about the other kids around her. She was scared they were going to blow out her candles! 


I take that back.  One gift I think was the most loved.  This little Flashlight pet unicorn went everywhere with her. She loves that thing.  When my sister asked what she wanted for her birthday, I told her this. I am glad she got it. Now I can go to Target without being begged for it!


At one point I went walking off. I came back to this.  APPARENTLY I am the only one that can keep an eye on her.  I let her continue and grabbed the camera.  I mean, it IS her birthday!


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