Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nate turns SIX!!! SIX!!! And he wanted to share something with you. *Giveaway from Superfly Kids

Holy Moly. Where did the time go? My Natey-Naters is six.  SIX!!!  I am quickly setting up his party this morning, but had to share this with you. 

You might remember V gave away a tutu for her birthday from TutuFabulous. Here is the link if you want to refresh your memory and check out her adorableness.  CLICK ME!!

Not only does that company have an amazing selection of tutus, they also belts, pacifiers clips, plush toys, super hero accessories, and they have a huge selection of super hero capes. When I say huge, I mean HUGE. THOUSANDS.  Most are in stock and ready to go! My kind of store! I hate waiting around.  I reached out to SuperFly Kids again and they decided to let me review a cape for Nate's birthday....and give one to a lucky reader.  SCORE!

I knew I wanted to get him one with his initial on it and that meant I have to weed through about 523 capes to see which I liked.  Seriously.  Click HERE to see all the choices for the letter N.  You can also choose a different letter on the left.  Other than their shipping speed, that is probably THE next best thing about them.  They are VERY well organized.

We picked one out and here is the winner:

Nate went with the black cape,with the red emblem, and the yellow N.  I was really surprised he didn't go for the blue.  As you see, his style was exceptional the day he received this.


Super Hero PUNCH!
 Here is a close-up of the emblem.

 The cape is very well made. It is a nice satin, single layer, with the edges serged.  There is a small piece of velcro at the top to close it. Nate is a giant and it super tall.  He is wearing the next size up. 

Now...onto the Giveaway!!!

You can win ONE Sidekick Sized cape OF YOUR CHOICE by entering below.  Sidekick Size (on the website you will look for it to say "kids size")  is good for ages 2-7.  You LITERALLY have thousands to choose from.  Good luck!  Oh, as always, be super hero honest and play fair.. Come back on February the 17th to see if you are the lucky winner!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

**I was given the cape for the purpose of the review and giveaway.  All opinions are my own. :)  SuperFly Kids is responsible for mailing out the winners cape.


  1. Happy Birthday Nate!

    There are so many cae options, it is crazy! Giddy would want a blue (always blue) cape with a white sparkle circle and a fuchsia sparkle G

  2. My little guy would love a blue cape or a purple cape with a sparkly star! He's really into all things sparkly, and he keeps saying his favorite color is blue (though, if presented with an option, he often chooses purple). Great giveaway!

  3. Happy Birthday Nate the Great! Have an awesome day!

    If we won, Emma chose the Aqua cape in Hero size with a red sparkle heart and white sparkle E.

    Thanks so much!

  4. I like the blue Kids Cape with red lightning and yellow W. I would give this to my nephew for his birthday next month!

  5. Those capes look awesome, my little guy would love one! He would probably choose a red one just like his favourite firetrucks!

  6. Kellan would want a red cape with a green K with a black lighting bolt.
    Hope Nate had an AWESOME birthday :)