Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nate's Lego inspired party

Nate the Great turned six yesterday and we had a Lego inspired pizza party!  It was smaller than most of our birthday parties, but a lot of fun. It was odd, at one point there were 7 kids age 7 and under in the house and you couldn't tell all. It was just...quiet.  They had a blast though!

The Lego cake was made with two boxes of "butter" flavored cake for the base.  It was just a big rectangle pan.Each layer was one box.  The top  circles are made with chocolate cake.  It ended up taking half a box of mix. The rest made 12cupcakes.

The Lego's around the base are candy!  This is what I did with the other half of the set of Lego molds I got.  To see my Lego crayon tutorial click HERE.  The molds can be purchased HERE.

I wanted to make marshmallow pops that look like Lego can't add color to melted candy melts.  It causes the candy to seize up. So we ended up with red pops. They were crazy easy and a hit!  My mom even liked them.

Party favors.  Coloring book download HERE.

Nate declared he wanted a balloon with a tongue sticking out and a mustache.  Sharpie skills are strong with me....not really.

Eric made a Lego photo prop.  The kids had fun stuffing balloons in it.  I found at parties having a few non-helium filled balloons is always a necessity.  The kids love hitting them around.

Birthday boy in a box.  The box ended up being a target later on in the day.  Nate got a Nerf gun and we have two wooden bows and rubber tipped arrows that the boys got for Christmas.  Poor Lego man has seen better days at this point. One of our guests liked to shoot him in the forehead.

Pin the face on the Lego man was also a hit.  Eric painted the man on a foam board.  The face was made with cardstock.  We took the face off every time so it wasn't a competition. The kids LOVED it and I loved that no one cried over losing, because there were no winners or losers.

Uncle Chris claims he didn't cheat...he was remarkable bad though, much to the kids delight.

I WISH I got a better picture of the birthday banner.  My friend designed it for me. I got it printed at Staples, I then cut it out, glued it to card stock, cut it out again, punched holes, laminated, punched smaller holes in the holes, and strung it up.   Pretty darn cool for about $5

 Make a wish!  I LOVE having a designated "birthday chair".  Every birthday boy/girl MUST sit in this chair.  Best positioning for pictures.

What was the winning present this year?  A framed photo of the Eiffel Tower. The picture was actually taken by a friend of a friend on a recent trip.  You can check out her other amazing work HERE.

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