Tuesday, March 18, 2014

After school plans

A typical day after school (when we aren't running to therapy or a class)is like this:
Me:NATE...AIDAN...get changed and come downstairs!
Wait and wait and wait.
Me:  AIDAN!!!!!  NATE!!!!!!  Get down here!!!!

FInally about 20 to 30 minutes later they manage to get downstairs.  Then repeat the yelling until homework gets started.   Nate finishes first and he turns on the Wii.  Then I have more yelling because Aidan is watching Nate play and not doing his homework. Homework for a 2nd grader is REALLY easy by the way.  I am not trying to get him to do horribly horrible stuff.  I mean....write your spelling words.  Read in your book. MAYBE do a math worksheet.

The boys will get done with everything around 4:45-5pm. By that point I have had it. You see, I am NOT a "loud" person.  I can get loud, but I don't like loud.  I don't do noise. Yet, I have three kids.  

So typically after the homework is done, I let the boys play the Wii.  It use to be to occupy them while I get dinner started. Now though, they fight.  Who is playing what game. Who has what remote.  OMG Nate got the last power-up. It was my turn to level up.  MOMMMMM! Mommmmmm!!

So I am done.  I have put down my foot and said "No Wii on school days"  

Last week, Aidan was grounded from the Wii for lying.  It wasn't a huge thing he lied about either.  So he got a day.  THEN we went to speech and he loses his mind in there.  He seriously acts like he has no sense.  So, he lost games from Tuesday-Saturday. He really drove me batty. 

I realized something though....it was so much CALMER in my house without them playing.  I thought I needed it to get me through dinner making. I don't. The boys went up to their room and played with their Lego's.  IT WAS AMAZING.  Yesterday...same thing. I am kind of kicking myself for not putting in this rule in place sooner!  

I think the Wii ban is AMAZING! When they whine about not playing all I say is "Remember? We don't play Wii on school days." Their reply "Oh yeah. I forgot."  THAT.IS.ALL.  Ah-mazing.

Are other houses like this?  Is the noise driving you batty?  What rules have you put into place?

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