Friday, March 7, 2014

It's amazing how little things can change everything.

As I have talked about before, Nate has epilepsy.   He has not had a seizure since we started the medication about 2 1/2 years ago, THANK GOODNESS, but it is amazing how a simple thing like an emergency medication can play into your everyday life.

Nate has a medication which has to be administered if he is having a seizure that lasts over 5 minutes.  He has NEVER had one that long and we have never had to use it.  The thing is, it goes everywhere with him.  His school has been trained on how to use it.  His teacher got additional training.  

Some teachers won't even consider using medications for kids in school.  Did you know that?  A teacher can OPT OUT of administering.  They can just say "Nope.  Call the nurse or first responder."  and wait there while your child needs help.  

On one hand, I can see that. They don't want to be held responsible in this "sue crazy" world.  On another hand, how do you not help a child? They could literally just watch as your child goes into anaphylactic shock from an allergy.  Nate's teachers have always been amazing and willing to do it if need be. 

Summer is quickly approaching and Aidan has gone to a science camp each summer for the past two years.  He LOVES it.  This year Nate wants to go.  I noticed on the application last year there was a "does your child use an epipen" box. We don't, but we have the diastat.  I just called the center and Nate may not be able to go. The camp is staffed with teachers that have been trained, but they may not be allowed to administer.

I am super bummed. If we can't get this verification, then I can't send either child.  It would be so unfair to Nate if Aidan went and he didn't.  They are checking around to see what the rules would be.

It is amazing how one little thing can ruin a summer. I know it isn't the end of the world if they don't go,but come on.  How often do you get a set of kids SUPER EXCITED about a science camp?  Education in the summer?  YES, PLEASE!

I try not to dwell on his epilepsy too much, but damn it, why does my kiddo have to have it?  Why does he have to be different?  He can't ride the school bus to school-no way to train the bus driver.  He can't go to a friends house (without us) without first confirming that the adult there would be willing to administer the drugs.  I just want things to be easy and wonderful for my kiddos.

Cross your fingers that they approve it, please!  Nate would LOVE to be able to go and I don't want to tell Aidan that he can't this year.  Science for all!


  1. My fingers are crossed! I hope the camp people find a way to make it work.

    1. Thank you so much! I really hope they do too!