Sunday, March 30, 2014

Little Passports Month 8...INDIA!

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If you follow along, you KNOW I am a big lover of Little Passports. Brief synopsis for those not in the know already.  Little Passports is a children's monthly subscription box at a great affordable price.  These boxes make amazing gifts. What kiddo doesn't love getting mail?

Every month a brown padded envelope comes in the mail addressed to your child (if you want) Mine actually comes addressed to both boys.  You have the option of choosing between two different services. You can choose the US Edition or the World Edition.  The US Edition is for the older kids, so we review the World Edition in this house.  

Even though the boys fall into the age range, some of the activities are still a bit tricky. Which I LOVE. It gives you a chance to really help interact and learn with your children. How often do you REALLY get to do that?  I know through these past 8 months I have learned facts a well!

So this month Sam and Sophia traveled to INDIA!!

Who gets totally excited over a postcard?  THIS kid. (V stole the souvenir right away-more about that later)

Normally I read the letter, but this month Eric did the package with the kiddos and he let Aidan read it! Those letters do have a lot of info and are kind of long. Super proud of my guy.  Make sure to notice the hair.  Eric cut it!

V was on sticker duty for the passport.  Her curls KILL ME.

This month the info sheet includes a word search and a decoder puzzle!  One thing I really loved is the "menu" on the sheet.  I love, I mean LOVE, Indian Food.  I love how this has descriptions of the different types of food.  I always lean towards curry, since that is a easy one to know what it is. I might give some others a try now.  Gulab Jaman anyone?

Of course, yet again, the souvenir stole the show.  I try to keep all items that come in the suitcase so we can check them out later on.  This will not make it.  V has claimed it as hers and she now sleeps with it.

Nate looks super excited about it, huh?

V is starting to eye it....

Going in for grab...

 Now, it is hers.

So there you have it!  Month 8 of Little Passports!  Feel free to click the image below to get to the site to learn out more!

Disclaimer: Little Passports provided me with this box free of charge to review.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review.  All pictures and opinions are my own.

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