Saturday, March 22, 2014

Meadow Kids review

Having multiple kids I really spend way too much time searching for cool toys. You would think after almost 8 years we would have enough.  We DO have enough toys, but it is nice for V to get some new toys of her own. Enter Meadow Kids.

Meadow Kids is a company based out of the U.K. that caters to Preschoolers and up to age 8.  The toys and books are designed for family interaction. Not only can they be fun, they are also educational! When you click on a toy on their site, it tells you EXACTLY what you can expect to gain from the toy. (Problem Solving, Communication, Thinking, Create, etc.) 

We had the pleasure of getting to try out three toys from them!  We got the Fantasy World Dress Up Bath Time Stickers, Numbers and Shapes Learning Activity Set, and the Mix and Match Animal Pocket Chart.

The Numbers and Shapes Learning Activity Set is a bit too old for V, and I think a bit too young for the boys.  We haven't played with this one yet.  We are still working on her pen grab a bit before I pull this out. As you will see later on, she LOVES to draw, but I think the size of the pens are too small still.

The kit comes with 3 stamps, an ink pad, 6 markers, two sheets of stencils, and 8 erasable sheets. Once she is a bit older this will make a fantastic kit to keep in my bag.  She will be able to keep herself entertained when we are out and about.

The next toy we checked out was the Fantasy World Dress Up Bath Stickers. These didn't even make it to the tub yet. 

The foam pieces are rather sturdy and are a good size.  They are meant to go into the tub.  When wet the stick to the side of the tub and they float in the water!    This set comes with two girls and the possibility to make a witch, mermaid, doctor, cowgirl, or fairy. Of course you can always mix and match.  Fairy doctor? YES PLEASE!

I think this cat is ADORABLE.

I have officially saved the best for last. I LOVE this one.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  The Mix and Match Animal Pocket Chart.

This comes with an assortment of animal pieces, words, and a dry erase pen.  The back has a handy pocket for storing the cards, as well as a dry erase board.  I was scared V would have a hard time sliding the cards into the pocket, but it was not a problem at all.

I wrote her name on the back and then she decided to write Aidan and Nate. That is Nate at the top.  That is also the reason I haven't broken out the first item yet.  NOT quite there yet. 

Remember how I said they were interactive with parents? Here is why.  We need to work on letter recognition a bit.

Here is another video of V actually using the toy.  I love it!  Again, we do need to work on her spelling. 

So there you have it!  Three awesome toys from Meadow Kids.  I can totally picture us using these years from now.  Thanks Meadow Kids!

I did receive these items free of charge to facilitate my review.  Regardless, all opinions are my own.  

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