Wednesday, March 19, 2014

PSA: How NOT to park

Full disclosure. I am EXHAUSTED.  I twisted my back yesterday trying to open the car door. It was frozen shut. I had no clue.  So my back hurts.  Then my husband got called in and I couldn't get back to sleep really after the 3am phone call. So I am beat and I hurt...a lot.  I am CRANKY today.

I am not sure why, but people in this neighborhood LOVE to park on the street.  We all have driveways, but some people just park in the road. Ok. I understand.  Too many cars in the driveway, fine. Car leaks oil at an incline, cool.  Our X-Terra was like that for a few weeks.  Calling for snow or ice? Again..I understand.

I have lived here for 4 years. There is literally a car on the main road that I have had to swerve around for the entire time. That annoys me, but not as much as what I experienced this morning.  I drew a diagram. you can see from my lovely drawing, people like to make it next to impossible to drive down the street. On my road you can easily drive next to someone.  It is a two lane street.  This house though parked a car and a truck in front of their house.  THAT IS FINE.  You can do that.  My beef is with the SUV.

They were not parked next to a driveway or even directly in front of a house on that side of the road.  I think all three vehicles were from the same house.  Why couldn't they park down the street a bit so the entire road wasn't clogged up?  There weren't any other cars around in the road.

Do you have any idea how annoying this is when you are trying to get kids to and from school or heading to work?  Everyone had to take turns, wait, drive real slow praying you didn't scratch the other cars, flash lights to signal whose turn it was to go.  ANNOYING.

So please, have some courtesy and don't do this...EVER. (unless you know, you live in an area where this is your only option. Have at it. In a basically empty street though...come on.  Have manners.)

Coming soon....How NOT to cut into the carpool line 8 months into the school year.

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