Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!!!  This winter has been insane here. In one week we had 8 inches of snow, an earthquake, and then 70F. Mother Nature is definitely hitting the sauce this year. With spring approaching, I wanted to get some things going.  

First and foremost,the garden.

We started a raised bed garden the other year and I LOVE the results.  So V and I headed out and grabbed our seeds the other day to start inside.  I REALLY love doing this.  I probably should have bought a smaller starter kit.  I never really realized how large it was until I started planting them.  My garden is NOT that big.  We just have a 4'x8'.

V was more than excited to help out!

So we got them all planted and into the window in the dining room!

Speaking of which, outside that window I made Eric takes out some bushes. I really hated them.  They were big and pokey.  So long, bushes!  Not sure what we are putting there yet.  I am just glad they are gone. Neighborhood cats like to sleep/fight in there.  

I have always loved watching the birds from the windows and so do the kids. The other day I saw one of those compilations on Facebook. This was called "32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius"   I clicked it like I always do and saw something on there that caught my eye.  It was this:

Click the picture to go to the original post on Juniper Moon Farm.  Being a knitter, I LOVED THIS. I have random balls of half used yarn all over.  So while I was at Walmart I picked up a couple of those "suet feeders".  Basically a little cage that you put a block of suet in.  (seeds in weird gooey stuff)  The feeders were less then $2 each and the suet itself was about $1.  

I moved a pole that the old home owners left from the top of the hill, right smack dab in front of our kitchen window. I really didn't think much would happen.  I mean, it is about 2 feet from the house.  I was SO wrong.

We have all kinds of birds coming.  I have seen bluejays, these little brown birds, and even some woodpeckers!  I really want to get a bird book so I can figure out what everything is now!

Oh, and we have a butthead of a squirrel.  V screams at him "GET OFF GROSS SQUIRREL!  YUCK!" She does not like him. I like watching him spin around. 

It has been outside for not even a week and is already pretty munched on. It even survived a HUGE rain storm with sleet.  Told you were were having weird weather.  It is currently 66.It sleeted 2 days ago.

I bought two suet holders so I could do the yarn as well!  According to her page this IS safe for birds.  Yarn IS recommended as an item to put outside for nest making. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology says it is a safe material to put out and I trust them.  Go over to Juniper Moon Farm for more info and read a rousing debate in the comments!

So, I grabbed my yarn and cut it up!  I tried to find bright colors so we could see if any gets used in nests in the area!  

Look how cute!  I can't wait to see it be used!   

I'll post updates on everything as the season goes on!  What are you most excited about for this season?

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