Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Bunny Express at the NC Transportation Museum

Once again, we had a BLAST at the NC Transportation Museum.   If you follow me on this blog you know we have gone for the Day Out with Thomas as well as the Santa Train.

This time I was offered a chance to ride the Easter Bunny Express and I jumped at it!  The way the day was SUPPOSE to go was: Train Ride at 10am, walk around and do the crafts/tattoos/look at displays, and then Easter Egg hunt at noon.

How it went was this:  RAIN....RAIN.....Train RIde....Tattoos/crafts/displays....RAIN.  The train ride was a lot of fun though.   there was train information being played over the intercom (couldn't hear it though due to a train full of kids), and free candy!  The train ride lasts about 25 minutes, the "conductor" punches your ticket, and then came the bunny.  The bunny was NOT scary looking, like many are. He was a pretty cool rabbit. He walked around high fiving and giving thumbs up!  He also wore jean overalls, which I found charming.

One word of warning, if you go on the train and it is raining WATCH OUT.  It is a very old train.  Rain does leak through the ceiling.  Get there early and check out the seats for water drips!

Here are a few cute pictures from the day.  

I absolutely ADORE V's body language in this picture.  She was not having him.

Mr. I-Act-Like-I-Am-Too-Cool-For-Everything Aidan was grinning ear to ear at this part.  He LOVED the models. Truth be told, I did too!

They had a coloring area and a make a bunny area(from a paper bag). Cute little crafts to keep the kiddos attention for a bit.  You know me, I love a good craft!

One thing that I wish I could change, and probably the only thing, is this building.  We always drive by it on the train and look in the windows.  They have old cars, trains, airplanes...but you can't walk near ANY OF THEM.  See the little chain in the bottom right hand corner? You couldn't go past it. BUMMER.  I really wanted to checkout some other cars!  

Overall a great day!  I really really wish it wasn't raining so we could have had the Easter Egg hunt, but the kiddos scored enough candy for the rest of the year this weekend anyway.

If you are in NC,I totally recommend this.

*I was given 4 free tickets in exchange for my review. Regardless, the opinions are my own.  (And I bought one ticket and would do it again...unless they wanted to give me 5 free tickets. ;)  )

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