Thursday, April 17, 2014

Front Door Makeover!

Ever since we moved into this house I have HATED the front door. It is black, scraped up, and without an overhang it gets HOT in the summer. So much so, that I hate opening it. So here is what it looked like:

The front step REALLY needed to be patched.  Eric filled it with wood filler and sanded it before the painting began.

Trim painted.  We just did white. Nothing thrilling. It was a primer and paint in one.  Amazing how much just doing this tiny step changed the entire look!

Next up, the doorbell. Insanely sad, right?  It wasn't put on crooked, I forgot to take a closeup before taking out the screws.  It was straight.

I am super proud of this. I changed the bell BY MYSELF.  It was a relatively inexpensive redo. It was about $9 at Lowes.  The center button has a light in it!

We removed the handles, peep hole, and door knocker from the door.  I used Kilz Premium, which you can get at Walmart for about $9. It is an indoor/outdoor primer. I only did one coat and it was a bit blotchy, but ended up covering the black well! I let it dry for about an hour before proceeding.

Hi there Creeper Nate!

Once it dried, it was time to paint.  I used Benjamin Moore in Blue Lake.  This paint was a bit pricey. It was about $20 for a quart.  Maybe that is normal price for paint? I don't buy large amounts of paint that often. The quart was WAY more than I needed for the door. I might actually paint the back door now.

I applied two coats of paint.  I followed the recommended timing and waited 4 hours between the coats.

I then installed my new elephant door knocker. You can find this on many sites:  Amazon ($19), Anthropologie ($28).  I found it on EBay for $12!!!!  Just search "cast iron elephant door knocker"

I ordered the Dynasty Hardware from Amazon. Word of warning. CHECK THE PLACEMENT OF YOUR HANDLES.  The deadbolt and top of the handle fit nicely.  Where the bottom of the handle fits, we had to drill a new 9pm.    I got our peep hole for about $10 at Lowes.   The new kickplate was also purchased from Lowes.

So here is the total makeover!

Doesn't it look FABULOUS from the yard?!? Amazing how much I love this!

What kind of home improvements are you working on this spring?


  1. Our front door is black right now too. I love the color you chose and my favorite animal is elephants (the only thing I collect). Great job and thanks for the tips. We'll be moving soon but I'm not sure if the HOA is open to door colors.

    1. THank you so much! We live in an HOA community, BUT there is an issue with their contract so they have no power. The only thing they can do is make us pay our fees. :) I think technically this color doesn't fly, but neither does the red with black diamonds driveway down the street from us.

  2. I love the color you guys picked! So pretty and bright, but not offensively so :)

    1. Thank you! I was a big scared at first, but it brightens up the entire front of the house. It makes me smile when I pull in now. :)