Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Break 2014

My kiddos have already been back to school for a week. Where we live Spring Break is the week before Easter.  It has taken me that long to recover!

This year we decided to hang near the house and see what we could get into.  We had friends from out of state come over, hit the aquarium (unfortunately on a day when the local middle school was there), went to the zoo for the day with Eric, AND went on a train ride for Easter!  We also had TWO Easter egg hunts and ate way too much candy.

For my birthday I received some cash from different relatives and bought myself a new camera lens!  The kids have been playing sports for years, yet we could never really see them in the pictures.  Now we can.

Enjoy some zoo pictures (and of course a few adorable pics of the kids)

 Batter batter batter...SWING!!!

Neighborhood Egg hunt!

I love V's face here.  lol

 She found the Golden Egg and won $1!
Such a good dad.

 Zoo time!  With a zoom lens!  EXCITING!!

The boys had to get pictures with EVERY SINGLE STATUE.

Yes. That IS Nate smelling the butt of a giraffe statue.

I could have stayed at the chimps all day. Look how cuddly!  They were right at the window!

Pretty sure this was one of the babies we saw last year.


So as we are driving home Eric saw a sign that said "Covered bridge" an hour later and after two detours we spent about 10 minutes there.

Train ride!  V did her crazy eyes.

 So that was our spring break in a nutshell.  Did you do anything fun?

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