Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why it stinks to be a grownup. AKA....I hate storms

When I was little, Hurricane Hugo came through our town.  I remember waking up at 3am and heading to my parents room because a tree fell next to my window.  They didn't believe me.  I ended up sleeping with my mom and my dad went to my room.  In the morning...a tree was on each side of my corner room.  TOLD YOU!

Later that morning we watched the neighbors trees LITERALLY twirl in their yard and guessed which would fall next.  This was all viewed through the large bay window in the living room, of course.

Flash forward to today.  I am a total wreck.  I like storms when they are small and not windy.  Our new house has these weird, tall, skinny trees.  I freaking hate them.

See the one to the right?  The leaning one? I hate that one the most. I like the privacy they offer in the spring and summer, but that is all.

We have lived here for about 5 years now. Since we have been here the neighbor behind us had a tree fall and break our fence.  Our neighbor on one side of us had TWO trees fall.  Luckily they didn't hit either house and no one was hurt.

So when it is storming, my panic level goes to about 1500. They SWAY in the wind.  SWAY.   I just know one is going to fall.  They are INSANELY tall.

So today there is a chance of horrid storms coming through here.  My plan....pick up kids early, come home, make cookies, watch movies,and hide in my make-shift storm shelter if necessary.

It is not the most organized closet, but you should have seen it before I got it ready!  I have beanbags and blankets for padding. Bike helmets for the kids. Three water bottles.  Oh, and my Waka-Waka flashlight/charger. I love that darn thing. It has probably been the most useful thing I have reviewed.  I use it almost every day.

So, if you find yourself like me facing some scary weather check out these site!   (I stalk this all day long. Just put in your zipcode)
CDC info for Tornados   All kinds of before, during, and after info 
"Go bag" kit items    Pretty extensive check list!

Stay safe!! 

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