Thursday, May 15, 2014


If you are on social media at ALL I am sure you have seen pictures tagged with #100HappyDays.  Normally I don't do these photo follow along things, but well, I got sucked in this time.

Can you be happy for
100 days
in a row?

 ^Image totally yanked from their site with good intentions.

I mean, who really couldn't use extra happy in their life.  Premise is super easy.  Take one picture that makes you happy every day.  Hashtag it #100HappyDays.  71% if the people that try to do this challenge FAIL.  If you know me, I love a good challenge AND I like making people look at my pictures.

Are you up for the challenge? If so, you can sign up at    This isn't about "I am cooler than you.  My pictures are fancier."  It is point blank "You know what made me happy today?  THIS."  and you see the picture.

Want to follow mine? I am posting to Instagram.  You can check out my profile HERE. Feel free to follow me! I like new friends!  I follow back a lot of the time, unless you are a total Creepy McCreeperson.  Then,you know, I probably won't.  Or I might.  Who knows?  


Here is Day #1 of #100HappyDays!  I don't think it can get much cuter, can you?


  1. This sounds like fun! Definitely signing up for this. I feel like I need it. Plus...I really need to give in and get a dang Instagram account. I think I'm the only blogger on the face of the planet who doesn't have one. lol

    P.s. I was super excited to see you use the term "Creepy McCreeperson". Glad it's not just me. ;)

    1. YAY! You should do it! I do have friends who don't Instagram and they just do it on Facebook. I am obsessed with over sharing though. lol

  2. How cute is she!!! I agree that 100 happy days sounds like it could only be a good thing. My dad is recovering from bypass surgery and we could all use more happy!!!

    1. Thank you and Oh gosh! Good luck to your dad!