Sunday, May 25, 2014

Geocaching: Free family fun no matter where you live!

Before Eric and I even thought of kids, we use to go Letterboxing. What is that you ask?  BASICALLY in a nutshell, people all over the country have put little boxes all over and left clues on where to find them.  You bring a stamp along, hunt down the box with the clues, stamp the journal, and you leave your stamp.  Super fun, but takes time since you have to decipher where things are.

Now since we have a smartphone, enter: Geocaching. Geocaching is basically the same thing, but uses GPS, which I find easier with kids.  You typically don't have to decipher hard clues.  (some do look rather tricky though-read descriptions before you go!) 

With Geocaching a few different things happen when you find the cache.  You either just sign a log (always bring a pen with you!  Some are tiny and don't have pens!), take an item/leave an item, OR you can take what they call a trackable.  A trackable is an item that you can, well, track. When you buy a trackable you have two identical items with identical codes. One you keep, and one you place in a box.  When someone picks up that trackable, they enter the code online.  Then it gets placed again and gets picked up again.  It just keeps going and you can see where it travels to!  You can learn more about them HERE.  As I said, I JUST started Geocaching today, so I am not totally up to speed on all the ins and outs...YET.

I decided today was a great day to take the kids out treasure hunting.We found FOUR caches and then got turned around on a trail, found our way to the road, and made Eric go get the car and pick us up.  We had been out for about 2 hours and Nate was pooped.

Here are a few cute pictures from the day!

SUCCESS!  We found the first one!
V was thrilled that a princess ring was in the box!
Nate went for a gold coin
Cache #2!  V was slightly sad she wasn't getting chocolate milk.
She had no trouble rifling though though.
 FYI, do take someone who doesn't get grossed out easily. This one required sticking your hand in a rotting tree with tons of gnats swarming. BLECH.

As I was walking down the trail taking pictures of trees, I noticed a weird metal thing in the woods and went to investigate.  I was just using the free app at the time and it only shows some of the hidden caches. We went to investigate it...

 And lookie here!

 Talk about some luck!  Unintentional find #3!  Also, see why it is important to hand a pen on hand?  To the kids that have no clue what that is. Before digital you had to take pictures on FILM. That is a FILM canister.;)  Glad I had a pen with me!

Eric made a pyramid. lol
We traipsed through the woods a bit more and found one last one!  Then my battery died on my camera.  oops.

If you get bored this summer, why not try it out!  Free, fun activity!  Just don't tell me exactly where they are!  I like the hunt.  


  1. We LOVE geocaching. Started last year when a friend stopped by to visit us in Huntsville and we found a few near our home. The girls were hooked after the first ammo can. Today was a perfect day to go caching and we found our first NC and SC caches :-)

  2. Never heard of geocoaching. What a great (and free) activity. Definitely will be sharing this idea as something to do this summer.

  3. We love geocaching. And now that the weather is finally nice we will be on the hunt again.

  4. Geocaching is so much fun my son calls it treasure hunting. We love doing it on the weekends when it is nice out.