Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm more than just a mom...I make up holidays!

I have changed this post a few times now before publishing.  For some reason I know what I want to say, but the words aren't coming out correctly. Hopefully you can get what I am trying to say.

I am a mom.  A mom to three wonderful kiddos.  Around this time of the year though, I feel like that is thrown in my face.  Now, I love the fact that I am a mom and I love feeling special-don't get me wrong there. I love a good homemade card (gifts are cool too), but why does it have to be this one day? Why have holidays become so HUGE?

Since I have had V, I have learned a lot. I had Aidan before most of my friends had kiddos and was the first.  I CRIED on what was suppose to be my first Mother's Day because Aidan was late and I missed it. Seriously. I still feel like a fool about that.

Since then I have seen my friends having kids and I have seen them not having kids.  If you want to have one kid....COOL! I bet you get to take awesome vacations!  If you want to have 10 kids...that is awesome too!  No kids....ROCK ON.  I miss the days where I had no responsibilities sometimes and could just eat Doritos all day in my pajamas while watching trashy tv.

I have also seen some friends try hard to have kids and it not work.  I have seen friends go through fertility treatments. I have seen losses.  I have seen people lose their parents.

Mother's Day really seemed to bother me this year.  Unless it was obvious that someone was a mom, I found myself really being careful of saying "Happy Mother's Day" to anyone.  Who knows where in life that person is. Knowing what I know now, I was really scared of hurting someone. You know who I wished Happy Mother's Day?  My mom.  Yep. It was a day to celebrate moms. How do you really know who is a mom if there isn't a kiddo present at that exact moment?

I was at a craft show all weekend long and the woman next to me, a good friend of mine, isn't married and doesn't have kids. ALL DAY LONG people told her Happy Mother's Day.  She was cool with it and passed the wishes to me, "free of charge" of course.  Could you imagine though if she wasn't?  Could you imagine if she was trying to have a child and failing? That would be torture.

Why can't every day be special?  I love my kids, but why can't the mutual love being shared year long? I wish it wasn't so commercial.  My favorite gift this year, cards from my kids.

Everyone has a right to feel special. Just because my body "worked" and I decided to do something with it,doesn't make me cooler than the next person.  It just,well, makes me a mom to my minions.  

Maybe we should start a movement to celebrate all women.  I know there is already an International Women's Day on March 8th. That seems more political.  I want a day that is just basically "I am a woman/girl and so are you.  You rock."  Just a day to celebrate being a woman and being in the wild ride together.

2nd Sunday of November.  Halfway point from Mother's Day.   We can call it "Estro-centric Day"  A day to celebrate all women.  What do you think? The name is still a work in progress.  I kind of feel like Hallmark.


  1. Love this post! I'm with you. Way too much emphasis on Mother's Day and Valentine's Day too. I loved Mother's Day for many years, but this year I was in tears because my husband and all 3 girls forgot. They are teens, and I just had built up in my head that they were old enough to remember. All day I was thinking, "What if they are going to be lousy adults? After all, they forgot MOTHER'S DAY!" I realized I was going way overboard, but still -- I'm with you. Why can't each day be special? And there are so many people who are hurting on Mother's Day. I'd love to share a hug with each of them.

    1. Oh my gosh. You have no idea how much it means to hear that someone agrees with me. I was so scared to write this! Thank you!!