Thursday, May 8, 2014

Is your smile brilliant?

Mine is now thanks to smile Brilliant!  My teeth aren't really that discolored to begin with, but had a few stains on them and seriously, who doesn't want whiter teeth?  When they contacted me I jumped at the chance!  Whiter teeth?  Yes, please!  Giveaway for my lovely readers?  DOUBLE YES!

Smile Brilliant! Is a complete kit.  You get a gel pen, a plastic mouth guard, a little brush, and an LED light.

So here is my before picture. Please excuse the bump right under my lips.  Sigh...isn't 36 too old for that?

 So as you see, not bad but a touch yellow.  Thanks coffee!  So what you do is you use the gel pen with the applicator brush and brush it on the front of your teeth.  Then you get the lovely mouth guard and CAREFULLY put it in your mouth trying not to smudge the gel.  Now, here is the fun part. (not really)  You turn on the light by pushing the button and insert the light into your mouth.  You have to hold it there for 20-40 minutes.  Twenty minutes is a LOT longer than you realize.  ALL IN THE NAME OF BEAUTY!!

So while we are waiting, lets talk about what this can do for you.  It will NOT change the color ofyour teeth.  Teeth are comprised of enamel and dentin.  Enamel is clear. Dentin  is under the enamel. What this product does is take the stains OFF the enamel.  So, if your dentin is off white or yellow, unfortunately you won't get that glaring white Hollywood smile.  But seriously, they look fake anyway.  What we want is natural looking.

So you have this thing in your mouth.  After 20-40 minutes (depending on sensitivity) you take it out, but keep the guard in your mouth.  You can wear this for a few hours. After that, the gel isn't active anymore.  I go for about a hour or so.  

The pen that comes with the kit gives you about 5 -7 applications. You just really need to use it on the front teeth. They say most people get full results with that amount of applications.  As of this point I have just done two and am already seeing results!   I keep getting sick and at night, I totally forget until it it too late. Plus, with this thing in my mouth, I can't really talk to V. Unhappy threenager makes for a loud household.

So here is my after.  Both pictures are in natural lighting.  No flash.  Outside.  And unfortunately, naked lips here.  I wanted to give an honest look though.  I think they look pretty darn good!  I can see a difference!

A few warnings:  
  •  Those under the age of 18 should have parental concent. According to the ADA youth 13 and up are considered candiates for teeth whitening but should consult with their dentist first.
  • If you have untreated cavities. When the bleaching agent comes in contact with the cavity extreme tooth sensitivity can occur. Be sure to consult with your dentist prior to treating this area.
  • If you did not have your teeth whitened prior to having dental work (crowns, veneers, fillings, etc) then its likely your natural teeth and the dental work will be two different shades of white after your treatements.
  • Pregnenant or nursing women should consult their doctor prior to using any teeth whitening product.  This product has a shelf life of 1 year at room temperature and 2 years if refrigerated.  So, if you are pregnant or nursing and win this, throw it in the fridge!

Want to try it for yourself? Enter here below!  This contest is open to the US, UK, AU, & CA. Awesome!!!  As always, play fair.  I check entries.  Make sure to check your email Friday the 16th to see if you win!  Good luck!

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*I was given a kit in order to facilitate the review.  All images and opinions are my own.  Smile Brilliant is responsible for the delivery of the item.

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  1. Great giveaway! Thanks for sharing such a detailed review. I've always been curious about teeth whitening, but am leery of DIY because you just don't know much about it. So reading this was really helpful!