Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Raise your hand if you know what RSVP means!

I can barely believe that I am getting ready to type what I am about to.  My eldest kiddo turns 8 this week.  EIGHT!!!  INSANE.  I have no clue where the time has went.  More on his party later.

Hold onto your knickers here. I am about to get real and teach some people something.    Every birthday I send out invitations to kids in the boys classrooms.  Not everyone gets an invite because, well, we have parties at our house and I can't fit 20something kids here.  I typically have the kids invite about 5 or 6.  We already have our family, so that is 3. Plus my friend Lora always comes with her two.  So we have a guaranteed 5 already.  Out of the ones we send invites to, maybe half come.

This year Aidan invited 10.  Yes. TEN.  TEN eight year olds.  A mixture of boys and girls.  I sent out the invitations on the 6th.  The party is the 17th.  Guess how many RSVP's I got. Just guess.  ZERO.  This happens every birthday. I am willing to guess I will get phone calls Friday night.

Now, I got to thinking.  Maybe everyone doesn't know what RSVP stands for, so I am here to explain. RSVP stands for the French phrase "répondez s'il vous plaît, which means "please respond.  It doesn't mean-please respond only if you can't come.  It doesn't mean-please respond only if you can come. It just means RESPOND.  

Let the poor mother know how many kids to expect. Biggest reason this is necessary-now a days kids go home with goody bags. We are doing a sports themed party.  How do I know how many bags of "Big League Chew" to buy if I have no clue if your kiddo is coming?  This year we are having pizza instead of a cookout,THANK YOU NATE for wanting that for your birthday this year. It makes it SO much easier.  What isn't easy though is I have no clue how many pizzas to buy.  I know there are at least going to be ,8 possibly 10 adults guaranteed. Then a guaranteed 5 possibly 6 kids.  But that number has the potential to be 15-16 kids. That is a HUGE difference.

So please, I beg of you, if you get an invite for a party RSVP and help to end this Type-A planning mom's anxiety!  I won't chat long on the phone.  I just need a head count. I swear we won't have a 20 minute conversation on the phone.  Talking to strangers on the phone causes as much anxiety in me as it does you.

*This message is being brought to you by a Type-A brained mom who is going insane not being able to plan properly.

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