Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The big kid got bigger!

 My eldest is now eight.  EIGHT. I feel so old for saying this, but it is amazing how fast the years fly by. Eight years ago I was whining about him not doing anything.  Just being a blob that went no where and did nothing.  Now...he is eight.  He also cursed for the first time today, so you know,that was fun. (Just damn, not the big one) We had a lovely talk.  (It was probably my fault.) I learned it from listening to you mom!!!  I learned it from listening to you!  Two points if you get my reference!

Aidan's party turned out small. Stinks that at this time of the year, and being a boy, most kids have sports going on.  Due to that fact, it was just immediate family, grandparents, and the lovely Lora with her kids.  You know what though?  It was an amazing day anyway!  We had a blast.  Push-up cakes pops instead of a huge cake, water balloon fight in the back yard, and pizza out the wazoo.  It was such a relaxing day. Most parties I go insane cleaning up. This time, I threw up my feet and just enjoyed it.

The night before the party, we had a little vandalism to take care of.  (Don't worry. We paid $3 and it was approved by the school)

Favorite Picture from the night
I didn't need a rock to tell me that!
Here are a few pics of the actual party day!

Sports themed push-up cakepops
 A rousing game of corn hole took place.  It was my mom's first time! She did pretty well!

My 90 year old Gram looked on. :) So glad she was here.
My dad showed up even after having 2 hours of sleep the night before.  Yay call night! 
 Then there was a water balloon, not fight, WAR. We couldn't keep the kids stocked with ammo.

My daughter-in-law. (Aidan and Lily got married when they were 3.)

Present time!
 Since we just had the pops, it was a bit difficult to figure out the candles.  Long stem candles to the rescue! 

 V liked them too!

A great relaxing birthday. Maybe I should tone it down more often.....NAH!


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time! Loved the cake pops!

  2. I don't swear so I don't get the reference???

    1. You can't make me say it! lol Did you ever see "A Christmas Story" when Ralphie drops the lugnuts? That one.