Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Can I have S'More ice cream, please? Recipe included!

Ever since the kids realized I had an ice cream maker, they have been requesting new flavors. Nate got the Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Ice Cream last week.  This week was Aidan's turn.  He kept requesting odd things, so,I decided for him. He was thrilled.

The recipe is just a basic vanilla,with stuff thrown in.You can vary the amount of vanilla you add. I used 2tsp. This equalled a very vanilla, vanilla.  The quality of the flavor is really based on the quality of the vanilla. The higher the grade vanilla, the better it will taste!

  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 25 Hershey kisses (what I had left in my bag)
  • 5 whole Graham Cracker sheets
  • 1 small container of Marshmallow cream
  1. In a saucepan pour in milk, cream, and sugar. Heat of medium and stir until sugar dissolves. You don't have to heat it, you can just whisk away until it dissolves.  I go the quick route.
  2. Once dissolved, remove from heat and stir in salt and vanilla.
  3. Pour mixture into a bowl, cover, and place in your fridge for at least an hour.
  4. While cooling, roughly chop the chocolate and graham crackers. Set aside.
  5. Once the mixture in the fridge is thoroughly chilled, start processing it in your ice cream maker per manufacturer directions.
  6. When it is almost done, add in the chopped kisses, graham crackers, and marshmallow cream. Add them SLOWLY.  I actually used a rubber spatula to help press it down into the machine so the add-ins wouldn't be stuck all on top.

         7. Remove from ice cream maker and place in your freezer for about an hour 
           IF NEEDED. As I said before, mine ends up like soft serve if I don't. I like the 
           ice cream to be scoopable.


  1. You're killing me here. I'm gonna have to get an ice cream maker now so I can try all these super yummy flavors!

    1. Everyone should have an ice cream maker! It is so easy to throw together as long as you keep the tub frozen in the freezer all ready to go. Simple ice cream beats ice cream full of weird unnatural ingredients.

  2. Yummy!!! I saw you were making homemade ice cream, when can I come over?? :)

  3. OMG I need an ice cream maker!

  4. This looks ridiculously amazing! Seriously! I feel like I need to run out and get an ice cream maker.

  5. Oh my word. This looks amazing!! I'm a sucker for ANYTHING smores. #typeaparent