Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Color Run 2014 Kalediscope Tour! (Discount inside!)

Oh my gosh you guys.  Do you remember last year when I was talking about The Color Run coming back to Charlotte? They came, I saw, I got colored like no ones business.  It was a blast!  So much so, that the Naters wants to go with me this year.  
Announcing the 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour! They are hitting your city like never before... Amazing new participant gear (t-shirt, headband, wrist band and sling bag) , Fresh music, and Color crazy race attractions. This is 5K Magic like only The Color Run can do.

Let's check out the gear.  New wristbands:

New colorful headbands.  The last two I got have been just white.  These are SO fun looking!  I totally can't wait to slip this on!

There are even new t-shirts. GAH! I am dying.

So, if you aren't familiar with it,  The Color Run is also known as "The Happiest 5K on the Planet"  I can attest to that. The Color Run is a very unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality.  Don't worry though!  The "paint" isn't actually paint.   It is colored cornstarch. You WILL get doused with it and it will get on your face.  It isn't the best tasting stuff, so I wouldn't lick it.  If you do ingest some though, totally safe.

Tip:  Wear sunglasses.  My friend got some in his eyes the other year.  Like anything in your eye, it isn't the best feeling.  Luckily the run has water all throughout and he got it rinsed out.  They even sell official The Color Run shades! I like this pair!  At only $10, that is a steal!

 When you go pick up your packet of info before the race they DO have all their fun swag for sale.  If you forget to get something and kick yourself repeatedly, they also sell stuff at the race.  Items sell out fast.  So if I was you, I would pick up your gear BEFORE the race.  Make sure to check out the shop online before you go!  They even have cute kid items for the little participants!

Want to go? Click here: The Color Run Events 
Want to go and save $5?  When you register enter:  COLOR5OFF   Please don't copy and paste.They have requester that you manually enter it in.  You don't want to risk it not working!  

It can not be retro-applied.  Which means, if you register and forget it to use it, you can't try to get it added on.  It IS valid anywhere The Color Run is going.  NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER DISCOUNTS OR PROMOTIONS INCLUDING NEW LAUNCH SPECIALS
Not sure about you,but I am so excited to take Nate.  Kids 5 and under can participate for free, BUT they won't get the cool swag. It is a very family friendly day.  My friend last year brought her stroller.  Just know that if a stroller comes, you will leave with a dirty one. Also, it doesn't matter your fitness level. Not a runner?  That is a-ok!  I am not and still have a blast. 
Hope to see you there!

**I am receiving passes in exchange for promotion.  I would totally go even if I didn't get passes.

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