Monday, June 16, 2014

Toy Box Makeover

When I was little, I had a toy box. It was a fantastic red vinyl covered box that I use to store everything in. Including myself. I took naps in it. When I got older, I went through an "everything must be black" stage.  My mom "recovered" it in black vinyl. After a few years of abuse it got stored in the garage and remained there as a blanket holder for years.

When I was redoing V's room last year I remembered that I had that in the garage and knew I needed to redo it!  It was seriously sad looking.

Vinyl was tearing. It was all weird and poof.  
Also, the hinge that held the lid up was gone.  It is most definitely not airtight, but I still wanted a hinge for it.  YEARS ago we planned on redoing it and never did. I had a hinge laying around from then and luckily I found it: Hinge for Toybox

I grabbed the box and started taking out the staples.  What did I find under it? THE RED VINYL!!!!

Unfortunately, the top was missing the red vinyl so I couldn't stick with just the red. V and I ran to our local fabric super store and looked at all the vinyl.  She picked out a sparkly blue.  

I basically just placed the box in the center of the vinyl, wrapped, tugged,and stapled. I used the same foam padding for the sides, but added new padding to the top.

We added on the hinge and then I figured I would use upholstery tacks and make it like it use to be. I didn't even remember it having those tacks on it,but I did see the indentions on the red vinyl.   The tacks worked AMAZING on the front. I had to hammer them in. The top was a different matter.

 The way the top is made was: wood, piece of cardboard, foam, vinyl. The tack would not make it all the way through thecardboard into the wood. I didn't even think about the cardboard causing a challenge. I was totally out of vinyl at this point so I couldn't recover it. I also couldn't take them out because of the holes in the vinyl.  I had marked and poked the tacks into the top of the vinyl so I could line them up evenly.

So I did what any good crafter would do. I grabbed my trusty E-6000  and glued them down. 

 What do you think?  I love how it turned out! I really like how V is using something that I used 30 years ago!

Have you done any fun makeovers of your old childhood items for your kiddos?