Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A horror story for moms of big families

It was a Thursday night. I had just washed sheets and was trying to dry them before the kids went to bed.  For some reason, the sheet was dry, but the mattress pad was not. We chalked it up to it having that waterproof backing on it and thought nothing about it.  Threw it back in, told the boys to sleep in the same bed (they do that often) and restarted the dryer.

In the morning....still wet.  I took it out and thought "Huh.  Let me just start it and make sure it is getting hot.  It didn't.  The dryer was broken.

I proceeded to do a happy dance,because that meant I didn't have to do laundry!  Then reality set it when I walked by the overflowing hamper and realized that we were going on a trip the next week and needed clean underwear and socks.

I learned something. I am NOT Laura Ingles.  Hanging clothing to dry is not for me.  First, I don't have a clothes line.  Our HOA actually forbids them.  Our HOA is kind of a joke and the only thing they can enforce is that we pay them (contract issues makes the contract unenforceable)  

My eldest dog Kenevil loves to hang out outside, but he is 12 and I hate him being in the sun that long, so we have one of those cheap tents on our porch.  The only way to do laundry was to hang it outside off of the tent.  Classy.

Doesn't sound too horrible,right?  Have you ever worn line dried underwear? It is hard and not comfy in the least bit.  Luckily I cloth diapered V and had a small drying rack so I could throw undies and socks on there. The idea of my undies flapping in the breeze was not something I wanted to come into reality.

For two weeks I had to line dry everything. TWO WEEKS. I did a load a day to keep it under control, but TWO weeks of doing laundry at 8am and having to plan it around the weather.  NOT FUN.

I enjoyed the "green" aspect of it.  I enjoyed automatically folding the clothing when it came off the hangers and making the boys put up their own clothes.

I did NOT enjoy hard undies and the fact that I couldn't wash big bath towels.  I had nowhere to hang them! I couldn't wash sheets!  How did people do laundry in the past with no dryers?  When winter came, did they never wash sheets?  Was their house full of hanging clothing?

This mom is so glad I finally have a dryer back.  I will never take that for granted again. Long live modern conveniences!

I think my new curse upon people will be "I hope your dryer breaks".  lol

What could you not live without?

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