Monday, July 14, 2014

Does Facebook make you want to beat your head a lot? It makes me want to!

I am on Facebook...a lot.  I admit it.  Sometimes I just sit on the couch and refresh.  No shame here!  It is my outlet to grownups...most of the time.

Today I read something on Facebook that I won't even link to for fear of giving the referring "news site" more clicks.  I WILL paraphrase though.

I am friends with TONS of people.  Black,white, gay, straight, Christian, Atheist, Pastafarian, I DON'T care. Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, whatever!  If I know you, I am probably your Facebook friend. I LOVE lively debates. Some people when I post certain things I KNOW they will comment on it ::cough cough Erin cough cough::

So today, it was no surprise when I saw an "OMG!!!!  Michelle Obama is taking Chick-fil-a out of school cafeterias!!!!"

Wait, what? Why the crap is it even IN the cafeteria.  Basically here is the article paraphrased: 
  • ZOMGGGG!!!! Michelle Obama has no nutrition degree and is changing school lunches so "students not experience the tasty goodness that is Chick-fil-A" and "Department of Special Education will be made to suffer the loss of their main fundraiser for field trips"
Well....heaven FORBID they don't get to experience the tasty goodness. I mean MY GOSH.  How horrible for them.  And, the loss of field trip fundraisers?  I am PRETTY sure we have to pay for those field trips.  Isn't that what my $10 every single time I get one of those permission slips is for? If that school is different and PAYS for field trips, I want to go there!  Our school has plenty of fund raisers. I am sure they can figure it out.

On another website the principal of the school in question said   “I’ve never seen anybody come to high school thin and leave fat,” Browning added, “but we will sell what qualifies. It amounts to pine bark and flavored water, and it’s going to severely limit what kids will be able to buy during the school day.”

Seriously?  When do kids get overweight then? Also, pine bark and flavored water?  WIth the attitude that the principal is bringing to the school EVERYONE is going to hate it.  Why not embrace it? Why not talk about good choices and bad choices?

My Facebook friend was saying how schools get "tastless garbage" and his kids "come home hungry" I have eaten at Aidan and Nate's school. While it isn't 5star food, it isn't horrible. My recommendation to this friend (whose children don't even go to the school in question, yet was still up in arms, cause you know Obama is horrible---Psst...they AREN'T)  PACK YOUR KIDS LUNCH.  

Isn't hard. Takes 10 minutes. You can do it the night before. If your kid is in high school THEY can do it.  I used to do it.

So...what are your thoughts on all this?  Do you agree with me or am I the crazy one?


  1. I think it is also important to point out that schools are not for profit entities. The candy/soda machines and fast food that have taken over our cafeterias as an alternative to school lunch are really a disgusting way for corporations to make money while poisoning our children. Seriously, schools should not be providing Red Bulls, Monsters, gorditas, and waffle fries to students, period (yep, all of those things were available in the high school where I worked). If kids are going to buy a lunch at a public school it should follow the guidelines for health that have been laid out BY THE GOVERNMENT. And the kids who are hurt the most by all of this are those who are on free meal programs who may not get to eat at any other time during the day. This is their only opportunity for quality nutrition. I am sorry if you feel that you don't have time to pack a lunch for your child that will be the most excruciatingly delicious meal of all time, but there are parent out there who are not able to pack any lunch at all. It is time for schools to stop seeing our kids as a quick buck and instead focus on providing food that will help our kids learn and develop. Food is simply fuel for our minds and bodies, the idea that healthy food won't get eaten because it isn't tasty enough just means we are raising kids who put too much emphasis on taste and not enough on quality. /rant

    1. Imagine me standing up and clapping right now.