Friday, July 11, 2014

Techno Gears Marble Mania Velocity 2.0 REVIEW!


Aidan is really big into building blocks right now. When I saw this, I knew it would be a huge hit and it was. Be warned...massive amount of pictures  (and videos) up ahead.

See that up there?  That is what I got to build.  That is the companies image.  The job now was to see if we could do it ourselves.  The toy is rated 8 and up, so I knew I would be doing most of the work.

We sat down and prepared ourselves...and ate pizza.
The first task is dividing all the parts. You need a LARGE area. There are over 300 pieces.  It takes a lot of room to separate and THEN the toy itself it wide.  My little kitchen table was cramped,but we made it work.
I really love how colorful everything is!  The orange and green really pop!
Now, see these little blue guys here? MOST ANNOYING PIECES EVER. There is definitely a learning curve to using them.  First few ones I wanted to chuck them across the room. 

I kept going though...and going.  This took me a LONG time to put together. A couple of hours maybe from opening the box to finishing?  I didn't actually time it, but it was well past lunch time when we were done.  DO NOT LET THAT SCARE YOU. It was totally worth it and I would do it again!
Other than the annoying learning curve with the blue clips, that orange spoked piece with the handle likes to fall off.  It is right on the front so it is super easy to pop back on. I think the kids got overly enthusiastic about turning the wheel.

So here is our finished product!  What do you think? I think it looks FANTASTIC!!!

Super cool lift to raise the marbles.  It took a bit to get it put together correctly.

GAH!  Her face!  She LOVES this.

All three kids love it so much I had to give it a permanent spot in the dining room on the table. Every day someone is running in there to play with it, and at night I am searching for the marbles!

So here are a couple of videos.  I HAVE fixed that one part that got stuck.  Again, it was those darn blue clip pieces!  I managed to get the ramp fixed. I don't have to push it down anymore!

See?  SUPER FUN!!  I am totally looking into their other toys now!

Techno Gears Marble Mania Velocity 2.0 -Purchase and learn more there!

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  1. This is awesome! My kids would go crazy for it too.

  2. Umm this looks SO FUN! Landyn would go nuts over this!!