Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Family does the Fourth

Every single year both sides of Eric's family have their family reunion.  This means that for the past almost 13 years we have had set plans.  I just thought I would show you some adorable pics from our trip.  I mean, what good is a blog if I don't get to brag a bit?

I tried to get a cute family picture.  I got this:
 And this:

And then this:

We always drive past Jackson Ferry Shot Tower, but always have dogs and never stop.  Our neighbors are AMAZING and watched the dogs, so we got to go!

Stairs stink.
 Once we made it up it was a really pretty view!
 But then I had to walk down...Have I mentioned I don't really dig heights and ladders?
 Once we made it up to the cabin in the mountains we had a great time wading.
 Pretty view, huh?
 Can you spot the crawdad, or as the boys called them "lobsters"

 He looks like such a little mountain man!
 Tubing in a creek. Can we get any more southern?
 Nate was a model.
 Uncle Chris and Jason napped.
 V discovered her love of driving jeeps. WE NEED ONE.

 Back at Nana and Paw Paw's house, basketball was played.
 Swimming happened.  A lot.
 We set off fireworks.
 A Jedi visited.
 You made it this far...you get the best picture!  YAY YOU!  I hope you had a fantastic Fourth!


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