Thursday, August 28, 2014

2 Eye and MIghty Eyelash Curler review...AND GIVEAWAY!!

I have super long eyelashes and have passed them onto my kids.  Sounds awesome, right?  It kinda is, but it is also kind of annoying.  Long eyelashes are great...if they curl up.  If they stick out straight they hit your glasses.

When I was in high school I had an eyelash curler that I used every morning.  At some point along the way, I lost it. I have been meaning to pick one up, but when I get to the store, I always seem to forget.  When I got the opportunity to review one, I was stoked.

If you have never used an eyelash curler before, you are in for a nice surprise.  The Eye and Mighty by Bella and Bear is PINK.  Also, see that weird little clear plastic bar on it?  It is removable, BUT when in use it keeps it pushed closed for more convenient storage!  Eye lash curlers give a great curl to your lashes and really open up your eyes!

First thing you do is take your mascara less eye...and try to take a picture of your own eye.  I dare you to try that.  It is surprisingly tricky to take an eye selfie.

 So, you have your mascaraless eye. Take the curler and put it towards the base of you eye. You want the lashes to go inside and stick out the other side.

Gently press it.  I like to press at the base, move up a bit, and press again.  In their directions they say to press and squeeze for 10 seconds. I don't time it.  #rebel  The curler is spring loaded,so it is easy to use. The handles are non-slip,which is important when you are that close to your eye.

After just curling, I think it opened up my eyes a lot.  I am NOT a girl who goes out without mascara though.  I am somewhat of a junkie.

This is after I applied mascara and stood in my window for fantastic lighting. All about natural lighting.

The Eye and Mighty by Bella and Bear is available on AMAZON.  You can purchase it HERE

I think it worked AWESOME.  I am so glad I got to experience this!   You can win one!!! Enter below! I am NOT responsible for the shipping of the item. PLEASE make sure to use an email you check on a regular basis. If you win and don't claim it within 48 hours, I will draw again.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes

I LOOOOOOVE Disney on Ice shows.  I have been going since Aidan was a little tyke.  I think Nate was still in an infant carrier at his first show.  Now that I have a girl, I get to go see ones that feature princesses. I might be a bit excited about that.

Enter a world where heroes and hearts prevail. Join Ariel as she explores life above the waves and Prince Eric as he breaks Ursula’s spell to reclaim his true love. See Prince Phillip, in a race against time to rescue Aurora, defeat evil Maleficent.  Discover a whole new world with Jasmine and Aladdin.  And watch in awe as the dreams of Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Rapunzel and Tiana all come true. 

High-flying jumps, breathtaking skating, and lovable Disney friends are a wish away at Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes brought to you locally by Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates!

The show will be in Charlotte October 1st-October 5th. You can get tickets to one of these shows or in another location through THIS LINK RIGHT HERE. can try your luck to win a family four pack to opening night here in Charlotte.  That is right. You can win 4 tickets to the Wednesday October 1st show at 7pm.  The tickets are ONLY good for that night and time.  No swapping!  You HAVE to pick up the tickets at will make sure you can do that as well.  No delivery of them!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was given passes from Feld Entertainment in exchange for me passing this information on to you. They also are the ones responsible for the prize. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hi. My name is Sarah. It is the third day of school and I am already mad at car riders.

I am so annoyed.  Last year I went on a rant about school pick ups.  It really is the worst.  We only live about 3 minutes from school, so riding the bus wouldn't make much sense. Plus, with Nate's epilepsy,that isn't really an option for us anyway.  Emergency meds and bus drivers don't mix.

Anyway. School started back on Monday. It is Wednesday. I was WELL prepared for school pick up being horrible.  The lines are always crazy long the first few weeks.  They changed part of the school (the old buildings) into a Montessori school, so that totally rerouted the entire pick up/drop off routine.

I get that new people don't understand the line yet.  I GET THAT.  What I don't get is this...I drew you a diagram.  It isn't the greatest.

 Done laughing? Ok. So. At the top of the page is where the school is located.   The lung/kidney to the right is a parking lot in front of another part of the school.  The slashes to the left is the main parking lot.  The tube/artery is where the cars are lined up. I marked me in my minivan.  The weird rectangle up there is another car.

As you see, today in the line I left room for the entry way to get into the small parking lot is located. On occasion the school gets deliveries in the afternoon and I think it is a butthead thing to park in front of the driveway.  You don't block driveways.

I had to run to the store before school, so I got there about 30 minutes early.   It didn't bother me. V needed a nap and that is the only way she will take one.  So there I am sitting in the car playing on Facebook when I notice the car to my left. Just. Sitting. There. The driver was sitting there STARING into my car. Probably for a good solid minute.

I then proceeded to watch her pull into the little lot to my right and turn around. I was thinking, "That is weird. You can just go down the hill."

Then....she started to pull out and turn her wheels to the school. 


She was attempting to jump the HUGE line of cars when people had been waiting for 30 minutes at this point. It was about 5 minutes until school got out.  


I started shaking. I was so mad. So...I did what any sensible person would do.  I put my car in drive and started to creep forward a bit to make my point.  Then I just said "screw it" and blocked her in. 

Yep.  I did that. The person behind me....she didn't let her out either. The person behind her did though.  Oh, and I made sure to vent to the teacher in the line.  She knows me. Not because I am the crazy mom at school, because I have been in the pickup line for three years now.

NEWSFLASH:  If you see people waiting in a line it is NEVER ok to jump in the line.  This is advice for all kinds of lines.  DON'T DO IT.  WAIT YOUR TURN.

I HAVE to get there crazy early on Tuesdays.  Nate has to be downtown by 4pm.  I am strapped for time.  Know what I do?  LEAVE MY HOUSE EARLY.  I don't cut in the line in front of about 15 cars that have been waiting patiently.

This has been your friendly car rider pick-up report.

Expect more this year.  

Friday, August 22, 2014

DIY Ballet Bag

V started her second year of ballet this week and this year she needs tap shoes.  Last year was just ballet and she wore her shoes to class. She is just in "recreational" at this point, so they aren't real sticklers for not wearing shoes outside.  I got yelled at if I did when I was a kid.

Since she is doing tap, I needed a bag.  Do you know how expensive those things are?  EASILY $15. I wasn't about to pay that much, so I decided to make my own!  Super easy tutorial here.

I did this two different ways. It all depends on if you have carbon paper laying around.  Other supplies:  fabric paint and a bag.  ($2.99 at Hobby Lobby)

The first way, I figured out my font, printed it out on paper, cut the letters out, traced around then with a pencil onto the bag, and then filled it in/traced with the fabric paint.

 While this worked out well, I wouldn't really recommend it. It worked, but there were a lot of extra steps with the cutting out.  After I did the "Ballet"  I remembered I had carbon paper.

For V's name I basically started the same. I picked out the font, size, and then printed it out.  I roughly cut around it so I could better judge positioning on the bag.

On the bag CAREFULLY lay down a sheet of carbon paper(inky side down) and place the printer paper on top.

 Grab some kind of pointed blunt object. I grabbed a knitting needle.  Pens work, but if I pushed too hard I didn't want to risk writing on the bag.  Trace around the outline of the letters.  When you are doing so, be careful.  Where ever you write it WILL transfer. Use a light hand and push hard with the tracer.

When you remove the papers, what you wrote will be there! As you can see,I didn't iron beforehand. OOps.

Take your paint and trace along the outlines.  I use the paints in the little tubes made specifically for fabric. You can get them at Walmart, Michaels, any store like that. I don't really have a preferred brand. Scribbles, Tulip, all the same to me. I DO prefer the "slick" paint over the "puffy"paint.

Once completed, let it thoroughly dry. I like to wait at least overnight before using it. Have fun creating!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Fury 325!!! Coming to Carowinds in 2015!

Carowinds  DEFINITELY knows how to make an announcement.  They also know how to trick EVERYONE.

Today they were unveiling the biggest announcement ever. When we got there, we noticed some merchandise in a window and thought "BUSTED".  They tricked us. They TOTALLY had fake merchandise. Sneaky Sneakers.

 Look!  They had a red carpet rolled out for us.  Other people walked around....not our group!
 V's future car.

Then....we saw is part of the track....but to what?

Harmony Hall is a dining hall that is new to Carowinds this year.  We noticed honeycombs around, but it didn't fit with the theme of the shirts we saw...are there two new rides?

 Even into the speaking they were STILL playing up the "century" aspect.  The merch we saw said "Centurian"...fibbers!  Finally...the big announcement. 

 Fury 325 is going to simulate the wild, spontaneous, and daring flight of a hornet.   This new ride will be visible from downtown Charlotte.  The highest peak is 325ft tall (that is 30 stories,folks)  

 There is an 81degree drop.  Think about that.  That is almost straight down...

There are three trains which fit 32 people in each. The ride will last 3min and 25 seconds.  Maximum speed it hits....95mph.  They estimate 1,470 riders PER HOUR

Fury 325 is  6,602 feet long. It is classified as a giga coaster.  A giga coaster is a  type of roller coaster with a height or drop that ranges from 300 feet (91 m) to 399 feet (122 m) and completes a full circuit.  This giga coaster was made with 2,700 TONS of steel.

FYI.  All coaster pics and the video are courtesy of Carowinds 

The Fury 325 will go OVER Carowinds guests SIX times.  Included in the ride are:
Barrel rolls: complete sieways turns that are 190 feet tall!
Highspeed S curves: to really experience g force!
Horseshoe turns: 91degree drops which simulate weightlessness
Underground dive:  You go UNDER the new guest entry bridge
High speed banked curves:  101 foot tall hill
Camelback hills: 111 foot tall hill provides "airtime"
Double helix maneuver: high-banked turns that turn into itself and create a complete 360
Then....2 more Camelback hills.

You MUST be 54"to you think you will?  



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Another ThinkFun review! This time....HOPPERS!

I have had the privilege of reviewing a few games from the company ThinkFun. I have played with and loved The Shell Game, Zingo! Sight Words, and Rush Hour Jr.  Now, I can add Hoppers to that list!

 If you have ever been out to eat at a Cracker Barrel, you have probably played the wooden solitaire game on the table. Normally they are triangle shaped. This is SIMILAR, but more fun I think.

First off, HELLO!  Frogs. Look how stinking cute.  Much better than golf tees AND your kiddo probably can't poke their eye out with a frog. (I wouldn't recommend trying)
 How Hoppers works is you have the board with pegs that the frogs sit on and then cards.The cards, like a lot of the ThinkFun games, go from easy to hard. On the first card on the easy level you just place 4 frogs. The game play is still the same as normal solitaire.  You can jump the adjacent frog and you must follow the lines on the board.  Once jumped, remove the frog that was jumped. Super easy at the beginning.

If you get stuck you can flip the card over and the directions are on the back. Yes, I realize that I showed you card one and solution 3.  Oops.

As game play goes on, the cards to get progressively harder.  Aidan flew through the first few cards and got a bit stumped on the medium.  He eventually figured it out.

 V has decided to set it up, then just pick up all the frogs except one off the board and exclaim "I did it!"
 She also occupied herself by doing this....

 This game, other than just being fun, also has multiple learning benefits!  Spacial reasoning, Focus & attention, perseverance, and confidence.  I totally benefited  from the perseverance aspect. Those hard levels are HARD.
 Once you are finished playing, everything stores NEATLY in itself!  Look how cute those frogs are lined up.  
 Personally, I LOVE how portable all the games are that I have had the chance to review. I am planning on taking this one with me while traveling to craft shows this fall. I tend to get to shows early or have some down time.  This will be a great way to pass the time.  

I also LOVE the levels.  I know when playing the traditional peg game, it can be VERY frustrating.  It is a hard game to master. With this, you work your way up in difficulty.   It isn't an "all or nothing" game.

Since it is small, depending on the size of your handbag, it could fit inside!It fits in my purse.  It is for ages 5 and up. Retail is $14.99

You can learn more about ThinkFun on their website
You can purchase Hoppers HERE 

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We went to Adventure Landing in Gastonia!

The other day, I briefly told you about Adventure Landing in Gastonia, NC.  Well, we decided to check it out last Sunday and had so much fun.  We got there RIGHT at opening at 10am.  Unfortunately the heat followed us and we were only able to get one game of minigolf in.  Beware, cuteness follows.

They have a few courses to choose from.  The course we picked was pretty easy. I think it was at most Par 3.  The kids loved the cave you got to go through.

I learned something important. V is a golf ball thief.  I was only allowed to hit a ball once. Then she "finished it."


At the end of the course on Hole 18 V cried some HUGE crocodile tears.  She did not want her ball to "go away" in the hole.  She refused to put it in. So, we walked up to the front and I had to give it to the attendant.  Apparently that was my job.

At this point it was INSANELY hot so we ran inside to the arcade.

Aidan's favorite game was this one. You just throw balls into the holes.

I preferred skeeball. I scored a 5,000 point hole. I was pretty proud of myself.

 The kids raced cars and I learned something. When Nate starts driving I MUST have VERY good health and car insurance.  He was pretty terrifying, but came in second place! I guess that happens when you drive through phone poles.

Aidan was the king of tickets. He played some game where he just hit a button and scored the bonus score of 100 tickets.  I had the pleasure of holding them. Cool thing about the place though, they had ticket counters. You just put them in this machine and it COUNTS THEM and then gives you a ticket to bring to the prize table.  I remember counting when I was was torture.

Another thing I found interesting is that they had Fruit Ninja.If you haven't played it on your phone,you are missing out. You swipe away fruits. Adventure Landing had a giant touch screen. Nate LOVED it. What you can't tell in these pictures is that he was dancing around while playing.

We added up our tickets in the machine and had about 450.  So, the boys got foam dart guns to share and V got a cell phone that plays Chinese music.  WEIRDEST TOY EVER.

And this is apparently how we say cheese now.

If you are looking for a fun afternoon, head to Adventure Landing! They run different specials and you can find out about them here.  We are definitely going back once it is cooler. I need to get some more putt-putt in.

I received free putt-putt and tokens to experience the arcade compliments of USFG and Adventure Landing in Gastonia.  All thoughts and fun had are purely mine and my families.