Friday, August 22, 2014

DIY Ballet Bag

V started her second year of ballet this week and this year she needs tap shoes.  Last year was just ballet and she wore her shoes to class. She is just in "recreational" at this point, so they aren't real sticklers for not wearing shoes outside.  I got yelled at if I did when I was a kid.

Since she is doing tap, I needed a bag.  Do you know how expensive those things are?  EASILY $15. I wasn't about to pay that much, so I decided to make my own!  Super easy tutorial here.

I did this two different ways. It all depends on if you have carbon paper laying around.  Other supplies:  fabric paint and a bag.  ($2.99 at Hobby Lobby)

The first way, I figured out my font, printed it out on paper, cut the letters out, traced around then with a pencil onto the bag, and then filled it in/traced with the fabric paint.

 While this worked out well, I wouldn't really recommend it. It worked, but there were a lot of extra steps with the cutting out.  After I did the "Ballet"  I remembered I had carbon paper.

For V's name I basically started the same. I picked out the font, size, and then printed it out.  I roughly cut around it so I could better judge positioning on the bag.

On the bag CAREFULLY lay down a sheet of carbon paper(inky side down) and place the printer paper on top.

 Grab some kind of pointed blunt object. I grabbed a knitting needle.  Pens work, but if I pushed too hard I didn't want to risk writing on the bag.  Trace around the outline of the letters.  When you are doing so, be careful.  Where ever you write it WILL transfer. Use a light hand and push hard with the tracer.

When you remove the papers, what you wrote will be there! As you can see,I didn't iron beforehand. OOps.

Take your paint and trace along the outlines.  I use the paints in the little tubes made specifically for fabric. You can get them at Walmart, Michaels, any store like that. I don't really have a preferred brand. Scribbles, Tulip, all the same to me. I DO prefer the "slick" paint over the "puffy"paint.

Once completed, let it thoroughly dry. I like to wait at least overnight before using it. Have fun creating!

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