Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hi. My name is Sarah. It is the third day of school and I am already mad at car riders.

I am so annoyed.  Last year I went on a rant about school pick ups.  It really is the worst.  We only live about 3 minutes from school, so riding the bus wouldn't make much sense. Plus, with Nate's epilepsy,that isn't really an option for us anyway.  Emergency meds and bus drivers don't mix.

Anyway. School started back on Monday. It is Wednesday. I was WELL prepared for school pick up being horrible.  The lines are always crazy long the first few weeks.  They changed part of the school (the old buildings) into a Montessori school, so that totally rerouted the entire pick up/drop off routine.

I get that new people don't understand the line yet.  I GET THAT.  What I don't get is this...I drew you a diagram.  It isn't the greatest.

 Done laughing? Ok. So. At the top of the page is where the school is located.   The lung/kidney to the right is a parking lot in front of another part of the school.  The slashes to the left is the main parking lot.  The tube/artery is where the cars are lined up. I marked me in my minivan.  The weird rectangle up there is another car.

As you see, today in the line I left room for the entry way to get into the small parking lot is located. On occasion the school gets deliveries in the afternoon and I think it is a butthead thing to park in front of the driveway.  You don't block driveways.

I had to run to the store before school, so I got there about 30 minutes early.   It didn't bother me. V needed a nap and that is the only way she will take one.  So there I am sitting in the car playing on Facebook when I notice the car to my left. Just. Sitting. There. The driver was sitting there STARING into my car. Probably for a good solid minute.

I then proceeded to watch her pull into the little lot to my right and turn around. I was thinking, "That is weird. You can just go down the hill."

Then....she started to pull out and turn her wheels to the school. 


She was attempting to jump the HUGE line of cars when people had been waiting for 30 minutes at this point. It was about 5 minutes until school got out.  


I started shaking. I was so mad. So...I did what any sensible person would do.  I put my car in drive and started to creep forward a bit to make my point.  Then I just said "screw it" and blocked her in. 

Yep.  I did that. The person behind me....she didn't let her out either. The person behind her did though.  Oh, and I made sure to vent to the teacher in the line.  She knows me. Not because I am the crazy mom at school, because I have been in the pickup line for three years now.

NEWSFLASH:  If you see people waiting in a line it is NEVER ok to jump in the line.  This is advice for all kinds of lines.  DON'T DO IT.  WAIT YOUR TURN.

I HAVE to get there crazy early on Tuesdays.  Nate has to be downtown by 4pm.  I am strapped for time.  Know what I do?  LEAVE MY HOUSE EARLY.  I don't cut in the line in front of about 15 cars that have been waiting patiently.

This has been your friendly car rider pick-up report.

Expect more this year.  


  1. Oh my goodness, I know!!
    My daughter takes the bus so I don't have to deal with car lines. But I thought it was illegal to block driveways etc. If not illegal then highly improper. I was at target once and the layout was exactly like your diagram except the store was behind us. I was parked right where you are and there was a very long line behind me waiting to get to the main road (where you wrote school) The person to the left took advantage of the space I left and cut in front of me. Now it only slowed me down for a short while but I can imagine the rage if it were in a car line at school.

    1. I am so glad you don't think I am a crazy person. lol