Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July 2014 Loot Crate: Villains

I always root for the bad guys.  They seem to have so much more depth than the good guys.  Seriously.  

Who would you rather hang with:  Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker?  Vader of course.

Batman vs. The Joker.  True, Batman has some cool toys, BUT the Joker seems like he would be so much for fun to hang out with. (Minus the crazed killing of course)

When I saw this months Loot Crate was Villains, I did a little happy dance.

Recap of what Loot Crate is before I get into the million pictures I took. Loot Crate is a monthly Geek & Gaming Gear Subscription box.  Each month has a theme to it. The first box I received was "Adventure".  You can read all about that one HERE.  

Each box contains a $40+ retail value. Prices can vary depending on the plan you get. The starting price is $13.37/month plus $6 shipping.  So, about one grande latte a week.  If you pay monthly, you can cancel at anytime.  No questions asked.  If you order a 3 month subscription you end up paying $12.37 plus shipping/month.  If you get a 6 month plan it breaks down to $11.37 plus shipping/month.  One lucky subscriber a month wins a Mega Crate that is valued at over $750.  Pretty sure that would be the greatest thing ever. You can learn more about the different subscriptions HERE.

So, now that I gave you a quick blurb, let's show you what I got!  I mean, that is why you are here, correct?

I LOVED the graffiti in the box. It told me to share with no one. I think I will listen to them. I enjoy this box.  I MIGHT let Eric have the shirt.  I am not sure though....I am kind of digging it.

This month had a little booklet that broke down everything for you in it.  There are also featured Looter photos, interviews, what is in the Mega Crate (hint:  there is a $999 tv in there. Guess that isn't really a hint since I told you.), there are also a few games.

Detailed breakdown of contents spanning multiple pages. I like this a lot. I am sure that everyone is not familiar with EVERY bit of comic/gaming info out there.  I like how it tells you a bit about everything.

Oh, these were my two favorite things this month.  A Bowser magnet (measuring 3"x3") and a Vader Key chain. I might have a key chain addiction and I might have yelled out "MINE!" and grabbed it when I saw it.

See, this is why the booklet was handy.  I have a love of funky socks. I had no clue who this was suppose to be.  Now thanks to the booklet I know this is "Deadpool". The more you know, am I right?  

The DVD is a documentary narrated by Christopher Lee and explored the villains of the DC Universe for over SEVEN DECADES.  Pretty darn cool.

Next up a Loot Crate exclusive comic of "Rocket Raccoon"  He is  "small, adorable, foul-mouthed and armed to the teeth" Sounds like a fun read.

The drawings in the comic book are fantastic!  I love the bright colors.  Some can be so drab, you know?

Next up, two posters.  One of the Joker and one of Harley Quinn. The two posters are rolled up together and attached with perforations. I need to press them to get them to be flat.  I am a big fan of the Joker poster.

This is the t-shirt that Eric may or may not get.  Again, super soft material.  This is an exclusive shirt that you can ONLY get from Loot Crate!  It was designed by Zack Finfrock and he mashed up two different evil villains.  Su-weet.

 Once everything was out, I totally laughed out loud.  Poor Batman. 

Orders are still being taken for next months box!  If you head over to Lootcrate.com and order by August 19th you can get next months box!  If you enter HEROES at check out you can save 10%!  

I received a box for review purposes, but all opinions are totally my own and jealousy of Eric if the shirt won't fit me.

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