Friday, August 1, 2014

Peas and Hambone Versus Flesh-Eating Zombie Gorillas.(Yes, that is the most awesome book title EVER)

Recently I had the opportunity to review a children's book about zombie gorillas.  I bet you are thinking "Say what, now?" Yep. I got to review a book about zombie gorillas for kids.

 Aidan(8years old) LOVES to read and I love that about him. He can go through some rather popular children's books in less than a day.  Those books have pictures though. I wasn't sure how he would handle a non-picture book.  Nate took one look at it, flipped through it, said "There are no pictures" and handed it back. I figured that would happen. He is just six.

Before I let Aidan read it, I wanted to read it myself and make sure it wasn't too scary. I mean "Flesh-Eating Zombie Gorillas" doesn't really sound like a happy go lucky book, you know?

So one Saturday morning I had to get some car work done and headed off to the mechanics and took it with me.
I will say, the very beginning of the book had me questioning whether or not I would let him read it. They went into a whole discussion about "My nickname is Peas, not pees" Once we got through that, it was a fun read. The "pees" vs "peas" was brought up a few more times. I mean, the book  is written for kids so that little bit of potty humor isn't too bad.  I tried to read it with a "kids mind" if that makes sense.  As a mom the potty humor bothered me a bit, I could see kids LOVING that part.

Some of the Zombie Gorilla killing get a bit gross, but again, nothing too scary/gross for kids.  

Premise of the story without giving too much away:
Peas is a 10 year old boy and Hambone is his dog that is really a boy that looks like a dog. (Make sense? It doesn't. You just flow with it.  lol)   No one else sees him talk/walk/etc. One day they sneak into the zoo before it opens. They go to see the gorillas, which Hambone has a beef with because a gorilla threw "dirt" at him before. While there they see a mad scientist which they name "Evil Doctor Crazy Gorilla" transform the gorillas into zombie gorillas.  At this point it is up to Peas and Hambone to save the city!  Chase scenes, cross dressing, biker gangs that fight with water guns and fake swords, this book has a lot to keep your attention.

I must say, I enjoyed the book.  It took me about an hour and a half to get through it. It took Aidan longer of course.  Aidan said that "It is pretty good." which coming from him means that he really liked it. It is on his read again list.

The author Todd Nichols has his masters in education, is an elementary school teacher, and according to another review his class helped him write the book! How cool is that?

Purchase here:  Peas and Hambone Versus Flesh-Eating Zombie Gorillas

As of this writing, it is only $5.39 if you have Prime on Amazon!

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