Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Fury 325!!! Coming to Carowinds in 2015!

Carowinds  DEFINITELY knows how to make an announcement.  They also know how to trick EVERYONE.

Today they were unveiling the biggest announcement ever. When we got there, we noticed some merchandise in a window and thought "BUSTED".  They tricked us. They TOTALLY had fake merchandise. Sneaky Sneakers.

 Look!  They had a red carpet rolled out for us.  Other people walked around....not our group!
 V's future car.

Then....we saw is part of the track....but to what?

Harmony Hall is a dining hall that is new to Carowinds this year.  We noticed honeycombs around, but it didn't fit with the theme of the shirts we saw...are there two new rides?

 Even into the speaking they were STILL playing up the "century" aspect.  The merch we saw said "Centurian"...fibbers!  Finally...the big announcement. 

 Fury 325 is going to simulate the wild, spontaneous, and daring flight of a hornet.   This new ride will be visible from downtown Charlotte.  The highest peak is 325ft tall (that is 30 stories,folks)  

 There is an 81degree drop.  Think about that.  That is almost straight down...

There are three trains which fit 32 people in each. The ride will last 3min and 25 seconds.  Maximum speed it hits....95mph.  They estimate 1,470 riders PER HOUR

Fury 325 is  6,602 feet long. It is classified as a giga coaster.  A giga coaster is a  type of roller coaster with a height or drop that ranges from 300 feet (91 m) to 399 feet (122 m) and completes a full circuit.  This giga coaster was made with 2,700 TONS of steel.

FYI.  All coaster pics and the video are courtesy of Carowinds 

The Fury 325 will go OVER Carowinds guests SIX times.  Included in the ride are:
Barrel rolls: complete sieways turns that are 190 feet tall!
Highspeed S curves: to really experience g force!
Horseshoe turns: 91degree drops which simulate weightlessness
Underground dive:  You go UNDER the new guest entry bridge
High speed banked curves:  101 foot tall hill
Camelback hills: 111 foot tall hill provides "airtime"
Double helix maneuver: high-banked turns that turn into itself and create a complete 360
Then....2 more Camelback hills.

You MUST be 54"to you think you will?  




  1. Wow, amazing! And lol to the fake merch.

    1. I was so mad. We were like "OHHH!!!! Centurian!!!! We figured it out!!!" They even said "It feels like we have been waiting a century" Everyone was like "WOOOOOOOO!" Then...bam. Fury 325.

      We were honestly still asking each other "What about the other one?" Then walking out, they had switched the merch. YOU TRICKY CAROWINDS!

  2. Wow! That looks awesome. When I come to visit you, we will have to go there, eh?

  3. I shall wave at you while eating funnel cakes. I am a chicken.

  4. I'm normally up for any type of rides but this may require some convincing. The Intimadator and Black Hawk about did me in.

    1. This is 100 feet TALLER than the Intimadator.

  5. Just want to point out that the ride is just called "Fury 325" and not "The Fury 325"

    1. Oh, I am aware of that. I refer to is as Fury 325 throughout the article. I just wrote "the" in the title because it is kind of like saying "I am going to go ride the Merry-Go-Round" You don't say "I am going to ride merry-go-round." That just sounds weird.

      Thanks for commenting!