Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We went to Adventure Landing in Gastonia!

The other day, I briefly told you about Adventure Landing in Gastonia, NC.  Well, we decided to check it out last Sunday and had so much fun.  We got there RIGHT at opening at 10am.  Unfortunately the heat followed us and we were only able to get one game of minigolf in.  Beware, cuteness follows.

They have a few courses to choose from.  The course we picked was pretty easy. I think it was at most Par 3.  The kids loved the cave you got to go through.

I learned something important. V is a golf ball thief.  I was only allowed to hit a ball once. Then she "finished it."


At the end of the course on Hole 18 V cried some HUGE crocodile tears.  She did not want her ball to "go away" in the hole.  She refused to put it in. So, we walked up to the front and I had to give it to the attendant.  Apparently that was my job.

At this point it was INSANELY hot so we ran inside to the arcade.

Aidan's favorite game was this one. You just throw balls into the holes.

I preferred skeeball. I scored a 5,000 point hole. I was pretty proud of myself.

 The kids raced cars and I learned something. When Nate starts driving I MUST have VERY good health and car insurance.  He was pretty terrifying, but came in second place! I guess that happens when you drive through phone poles.

Aidan was the king of tickets. He played some game where he just hit a button and scored the bonus score of 100 tickets.  I had the pleasure of holding them. Cool thing about the place though, they had ticket counters. You just put them in this machine and it COUNTS THEM and then gives you a ticket to bring to the prize table.  I remember counting when I was little....it was torture.

Another thing I found interesting is that they had Fruit Ninja.If you haven't played it on your phone,you are missing out. You swipe away fruits. Adventure Landing had a giant touch screen. Nate LOVED it. What you can't tell in these pictures is that he was dancing around while playing.

We added up our tickets in the machine and had about 450.  So, the boys got foam dart guns to share and V got a cell phone that plays Chinese music.  WEIRDEST TOY EVER.

And this is apparently how we say cheese now.

If you are looking for a fun afternoon, head to Adventure Landing! They run different specials and you can find out about them here.  We are definitely going back once it is cooler. I need to get some more putt-putt in.

I received free putt-putt and tokens to experience the arcade compliments of USFG and Adventure Landing in Gastonia.  All thoughts and fun had are purely mine and my families.

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