Thursday, August 14, 2014

What does a group of bloggers do for fun? Go to Bonefish Grill! #HelloNewMenu

This has been a crazy past few weeks.  The hubby took the kids to WV, I got a break, redid a room, got a massage, ate an AMAZING meal, and then the hubby came back and came super close to losing a finger. More on that later.

Let's get back to the meal.  Rarely do Eric and I get to go out.  We never have a babysitter unless it is my mom and she happens to be visiting. Paying a sitter for three kids and THEN paying for the date...not in our budget.  Most of my meals when we go out include paper napkins.

Being a blogger has it perks sometimes, this time, it was a HUGE perk.  Bonefish Grill came out with a new menu and they decided to let us experience it....a lot of it. Bonefish Grill set me and four other bloggers up for an "excursion". We got to sample so many of these new items and they were all incredible.

For dinner we went to the Huntersville, NC location. It is conveniently located in Birkdale village.  There is tons of great shopping in the area and Bonefish is situated on the outside of the village adjacent to a big parking lot.  We were seated inside and our waitress for the evening was named Channing.(No, not THAT Channing).  She was amazing. So helpful and chatty.  She knew her menu inside and out.

So here we go. Be prepared to be very hungry by the end of this post.  I was Instagramming away during dinner.  I had friends on Facebook cursing me for making them so hungry.   (I would do it again in an instant!)

Bonefish Grill came out with an awesome ice bowl. The "glass" keeps the food ice cold, obviously.  They also serve some of their new drinks in them. Cool, huh? 

Please remember that all of this was for 5 people and served family style. There is no way I could have eaten all of this myself!

For appetizers we were brought out 2 steaks (which I admit I didn't pay attention to since I don't eat steak)  It was the New York Strip Takati.  It was medium rare and devoured by the others.    I enjoyed the shrimp cocktail! Those little ice bowls hold a surprising amount of food.  We kept digging down and the food kept coming! The ice kept it at the prefect temperature and it was served with some tortilla chips on the side.

 Next was the salad course.  They wanted us to experience the new menu along with some of the old favorites so they brought us three salads.

The house salad was my absolute favorite.  It has hearts of palm, kalamata olives,  tomatoes, and a citrus herb vinaigrette.  That dressing was seriously yummy.  I could eat that salad all day.

Next up, Caesar! It was a good Caeser salad.  They make their dressing in house.  If you are a fan of Caesar salad (which I am), you will enjoy it. They topped it with house-made garlic croutons.

The new salad we tried was the Watermelon Salad!  It sounds weird, but hear me out.  Arugula, watermelon, feta, salsa verde, English cucumbers, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), and a creamy feta cheese dressing.  The watermelon cut the saltiness of the feta. It was a really tasty combination!  Everything we tried, seems to have a good balance. Not too sweet, not too salty.  Not too spicy. It was a really good mix!

With all this eating going on, I had to order a drink.  I recently discovered that I REALLY like drinks with jalapenos in them.  Don't ask. I don't know why.  I just do.  While looking over the menu I found the Ocean Trust Tropic Heat Martini.  It also happened to be a new drink to the menu.  The martini is a blend of homemade infused pineapple vodka, freshly muddled mango, lemon juice, and the jalapeno slice.  The jalapeno gave it a little kick.

What I really loved about this drink, other than the flavor, was that for every drink sold, Bonefish Grill donates $1 to Ocean Trust.  The restaurant relies on the ocean to survive. No ocean, no Bonefish Grill.  I really love how they give back.  As we said that night "Drink one for the fish!"  Seriously....go drink'll wait.

Next up, Baja Fish Tacos.  If I see Baja Fish Tacos on a menu, 99% of the time I order them.  These tacos are filled with shredded lettuce, mango salsa, lime crema, and perfectly cooked fish.  They were served in a warm soft tortillas.  OMG.  Heaven in my mouth.  Pretty sure I would eat these every day if I could.

Being a table of 5 we had 2 orders of the tacos (they come three to an order).  On one order we had a tasty salad with mixed greens. On the other, FRESHLY MADE POTATO CHIPS.  They were still warm. I am more of a salt girl instead of a sweet girl. I could have eaten the entire bowl. Seasoned perfectly, not too salty.  They also had a good thickness to them.

The main course was next.  We received two 13 oz rib eye steaks, which I didn't try, but they were devoured. When the appetizer came out medium rare earlier, one of the ladies I was eating with was sort of turned off by it.  Rare meat is not her cup of tea. She requested them to cook one more and they happily agreed!  The Kona (coffee) crusted one was the biggest hit of the evening for them.

I gorged on the Spicy Tuna bowls.  It is sushi grade tuna lightly seared, avocado,  sweet chili sauce, passion fruit salsa, and jasmine rice. They even brought a bottle of Sriracha to the table so you can control your own heat...which I totally forgot about adding and kicked myself for.  It was fantastic without it though.  PERFECTLY seared.  The chili sauce was sweet, but not too sweet.

A few of the premium sides that went along with our dinners were brocollini:

Mushroom ravioli:

Crab fried rice:

All were tasty.  Yes, I tried the mushroom ravioli.  I ate an entire one!  Mushrooms to me taste like dirt.  These did not.  It was actually great!  Would I order it myself? Nope.  Would I try one if offered? Yes.  That says a lot.

The hit of the side dishes was the crab fried rice.  HUGE chunks of crab on top.  If you go, pay the additional $4 and get this as your side.  One of the other bloggers actually brought the left overs home for a midnight snack.  Again, perfectly cooked.

Dessert was flatbreads!  I know, doesn't sound like much of a dessert does it? Wrong. We were brought two different ones to sample. 

The first was the banana split flatbread.  It was a flatbread, covered in chocolate, with bananas, strawberries, and whipped cream. It was so light and tasty!

The S'mores flatbread had my heart in its warm gooey hand though. Flatbread topped with warm chocolate, toasted marshmallows, sliced almonds, and graham cracker crumbs.  YUM.

Earlier in the evening when the assistant manager was going over the evening, he brought up the Lobster Grilled Cheese which we all had on our minds anyway after checking out the menu earlier in the week.  We were slightly bummed that we never got to try it and one of the girls mentioned that it wasn't sent out.

The assistant manager put in an order for us.  I now present to you your new favorite food ever:

Just looks like a grilled cheese, right?  WRONG.  What you just looked at is a perfectly buttered and grilled grilled cheese stuffed with cheddar, smoked mozzarella, HUGE chunks of lobster, and served along side a lobster bisque.  The bisque also had huge chunks inside. Do you see that up in the picture?  The chunk in the soup had to be cut.  There was even more throughout.


If I had to choose my absolute favorite thing from the evening it would be the lobster grilled cheese.  Close runner up: the crab fried rice.

I definitely know where I am going next date night.  You should too!  Go check out their new menu!  There were so many things we didn't even get to try!

Head over HERE to find your location, call and set up your reservation, browse the new menu, and be prepared for a fantastic night. If you go to Huntersville and have Channing as your waitress, tell her I said HI!

I received this evening and all food/drinks complimentary for the review.  Totally going back though. Probably on the 22nd for the hubbies birthday.  I want a lobster grilled cheese.


  1. Awww. This brings back so many good memories! That was a great night. Fabulous food and great friends! What more could you ask for?

    And of course, now I'm starving! Too bad they don't deliver! Bring me a lobster grilled cheese and S'mores flatbread, please!!

  2. I could eat that grilled cheese I was just telling someone yesterday how amazing it was! (I mean, it was all amazing, but that sandwich was OMGEE!)

  3. Yum! Those are mighty yummy looking dishes!