Sunday, September 28, 2014

Oh Schwan' I wanted to love thee.

About a month ago I talked about Schwan's Food Delivery service. You can follow that little link right there to get to some coupons.

I was SUPER excited to try it out.  I got my gift certificate and spent forever scrolling through EVERY SINGLE PAGE.  Seriously.  I checked out every offering.  I even ended up spending over my gift card amount and used a coupon from the other page.

The website itself is set up really well.  The tabs are really well organized.  They even have a "kids favorites" full of normal kid friendly food.  I actually found the pizzas I wanted to get my kids there! Man, I loved those things when I was younger.

Incase you are curious, my order was:
cheese pizzas
Mini Super Sweet Corn on the Cob - Limited Time Offering-already gone
Lasagna Roll-ups-Limited TIme Offering
Orange Chicken Skillet Meal
Mini Bowtie pasta and vegetable blend
Microsteam Whole Greenbeans
Sea Salt Caramel & Cashew Blend Ice Cream

Ordering was super easy. They have online coupons and discounts on the site. So if you search, you can get some good deals.  For all those items, plus the $1.75 delivery fee, I spent $58.58 Since I had the coupons I didn't really look that hard for coupons and bought things that I normally wouldn't for the sake of this review.  Not that I picked out food that I don't like, I just never buy "complete frozen meals".  There once was a time where Eric and I lived on meals in bags for convenience.  Nowadays, with 3 kids, those are too expensive. Plus, being home I prefer to cook complete meals myself.  So, If I did normal shopping through this site I would not have spent $11.29 on the orange chicken...I would just drive the 2 minutes to the Chinese restaurant down the road.

Once I placed my order the site said someone would get in contact with me to set up delivery time.  Sure enough, a couple of days later I got a phone call from Schwan's. At checkout the date was confirmed,but the actual time window wasn't set.

From this call the time was set for 5pm-7pm.

My friend Holli from An Ordinary Blog, was flying in from Missouri that day, and that time would work perfect!  I could get my delivery and then her and I could run out for dinner.  5pm came and I waited...

and I waited...

and I waited.

Finally at 7pm, I said screw it and left.  I told Eric that they still might come,but I had no idea what was going on.  Holli and I went out, ran some errands, and got to a restaurant around 8pm. I was walking to my table when my phone rang with a number I didn't recognize.  I answered. It was the Schwan's man.  This is our phone call as best as I can remember:

SM:  Hey there.  I need to get directions to your house.
Me: realize that your delivery window was 5-7, right?  It is 8 o'clock
SM: Yeah.  I was running late.  Sorry. I need directions to your house.
Me: So, you can call to get directions TO MY HOUSE, but you can't call to say you are running behind?
SM: Oh sorry. I was running behind.
Me: Is this going to happen every week? I mean, my kids are asleep (bedtime is 8pm on school nights) I am not even at home at this point.  I left at 7pm after I never heard from you.
SM: No, I was just running behind.  Where do you live?
Me: What do you mean "Where do I live?"  Don't you have my address?
SM: Yes, it is ...
Me: So then you know where I live.
SM:  Well, if I was on ... how would I get there?
Me: Seriously? Where are you coming from?  That is a long road.

I then had to figure out where he was and give him TURN BY TURN directions into my neighborhood and to my house.  I do not live in the country.  ANY GPS will take you to my doorstep.  Heck, if you know my address you can Google map my house and see my minivan in my driveway.  There was absolutely NO need for me to do that.

Also, I know he said "sorry" but imagine a teenage girl saying sorry when she didn't mean it.  It was like that.  A half-assed "sorry".

I called Eric, had him pull up the order and make sure we got everything.  Eric said once he was there, he was nice. The order was delivered and he left.

I sat around  wondering what to do. I even contacted my rep on the 18th and sent her an email about my experience.  I wanted to tell her so maybe I could get an actual sorry.  I wasn't looking for another giftcard.  All I wanted was a bit of compassion from the company.  An actual "Sorry you went through that. That isn't how we operate. I hope you try us again in the future."  That's all. I didn't want anything free.  I wasn't fishing for anything...just an apology that he did that. A REAL one. Today is the 28th.  I never heard back.

So, I am cancelling my service. I tried to stop all deliveries to my house on the site, but I only see where I can change the date of the next service, but not stop deliveries all together.  I guess I have to call them.  To say I am disappointed with this is an understatement.  Other people I talked to, had amazing experiences. I guess I just got a bad delivery person. 

Brief opinions of the food I have tried so far:
My kids LOVED the pizzas. I liked that it was something that I ate as a kid and they were eating it. Totally a nostalgia purchase for me.  They were expensive, about $12 for 6 small individual pizzas.  The kids gobbled them up though.

The orange chicken was good, but I wouldn't plan on having it on a regular basis.  Like I said, it was about $11.  If I wanted chinese, I would just drive to the restaurant down the road.  It was tasty though!  It said it made enough for 3 servings....those would be very small servings.  It was enough for Eric and I with no leftovers.

The ice cream is AWESOME.  It is soft, easily scoopable, and the flavor is amazing.  I HIGHLY recommend it.

So there you go.  If you try it, I hope you have a great experience. I wish I had.

I am receiving a GC in exchange for me telling you about this  service.  All opinions are my own...obviously.  Just the facts, ma'am.

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