Saturday, September 20, 2014

Type A Con is this weekend...and I got all the mommy guilt.

Aidan is 8 years old, so it has been about 9 years since I really had a break. 

Eric is absolutely wonderful and takes the kids to his parents house once a year. During those few days while they are away...I paint. I'm not talking pictures. I paint rooms. When I am not painting I am either working or crafting (for work).

I never really have a break. 

Here I am in Atlanta with amazing friends, meeting fantastic new people, chatting it up with very nice sponsors, HUGGING LASSIE, and I feel so incredibly guilty.

This conference is an amazing chance for me to grow my blog and learn. I am having so much fun and feeling horribly guilty.

I haven't had an actual break since the kids were born. I don't ever "relax". If I am watching tv, I am also painting, sewing, stamping.  I never just stop.

Pretty sure this is exactly what I needed, but I still have a twinge of guilt. How do you get over that?

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