Tuesday, October 28, 2014

If you are a parent, you should be aware of this company.

When I went to the Type A Conference last month I had the absolute honor of having lunch with Save the Children.  The lunch was fantastic and it was SUCH an informative, moving experience. Picture if you will, an entire room of grown women trying to eat while crying and wanting to hug their little ones.


I am NOT a crier. I was boo-hooing ALL OVER the place.  I am going to post a few videos for you.  Go get your tissues before you start. This is your last warning. Here is me with Lassie as a pre-crying apology.  Lassie is my new best friend. That dog is INSANELY trained. Yes, this is THE Lassie.  A movie star loves me. (it might have been the smeared chicken on my cheek)

Wednesday, Oct. 29 is the 2-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy’s landfall.  Sandy affected 24 states, killed 162 people, caused $50 million in damage and damaged or destroyed 650,000 homes and hundreds of child care centers and schools.  It was the day that life turned upside down for thousands of children who suddenly lost everything – including their very sense of stability.  Save the Children is still working with many of these children to help them rebound. 

Let's chat a bit about who they are before we get to crying together.  Save the Children is a FANTASTIC organization. While some organizations focus on the community as a whole, their focus is JUST on children. They go into relief areas and set up child friendly areas.  Areas where children can process everything that has happened on their level.  Areas where they can "forget" what happened and have a chance to play. 

Save the Children’s recent poll shows that 49% of U.S. parents don’t feel the very prepared to protect their children from disaster.

51% don’t think their child’s school or child care center is very prepared either. 

A whopping 74% of parents don’t think the federal government is prepared to protect their kids should disaster strike!

They are in 120 countries and as well as helping out in emergency times, Save the Children also helps prepare people for what might happen.  Their site has checklists you can printout to help get you prepared.  You can check out how your state measures up on their 2014 US Preparedness Map.  Spoiler alert for NC...we are doing great!

While there you can even sign their pledge to help protect children.

After meeting with them,I was so happy for my state, but sad for myself.  I realized that I have so much to learn and do. I don't even have a "go bag" ready! If there is one page I really want you to look at on their site, it would have to be their "Resources" page.  There you can find check lists, tips for many different emergencies, and links to different partner pages.

Do you have your tissues handy? Good. I can't even look at this little girl without losing it.Let's cry together.


I WARNED YOU.  Please don't hate me....here is another.

Now, since we are all blubbering messes together, stop crying, go hug your kids TIGHT, and sign the petition to say you will do all you can to protect children. GIVE THEM YOUR EMAIL and read the emails. You can never be too prepared when your little ones and other little ones are on the line.


  1. Pledge signed, and now I am a mess. This is why I work in Emergency Preparedness. Every place, and person needs to have a plan in case disaster strikes in their community.

    1. Exactly. When horrible storms passed by us a few months ago, I had no plans for what to do incase of tornados. Luckily I had about a day to figure it out. I still didn't feel prepared enough.

      This opportunity came at the perfect time. I even feel a bit more comfortable knowing that these people are out there watching out for us as well