Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It isn't everyday that Harrison Ford shows up in your mailbox!

I LOVE LOOT CRATE!  If you read this blog, you should know that already. If not, here is a little run down about what they do: 

Loot Crate is a monthly box for "geeks and gamers".  The starting price is $13.37/month plus $6 shipping.  So, about one grande latte a week.  Each box contains a $40+ retail value. Prices can vary depending on the plan you get. If you order a 3 month subscription you end up paying $12.37 plus shipping/month.  If you get a 6 month plan it breaks down to $11.37 plus shipping/month. You can sign up HERE.  

I love this box. You can read my other three reviews HERE(adventure), HERE(villains), and HERE (Heroes)

Each month has a particular theme. Last month was Heroes.  This month...Galactic! Let's break this box open and see what is inside.

Allow me to tell you a sad tale.  I received a Tribble. AS SOON AS I opened the box, the kids took it.  I have looked and looked. No Tribble. Soooooo.....imagine inside that box one glorious Tribble.

Thieving kids.

This months theme, as I said, was Galactic.  All things spacey.  You of course can't have a talk about space without Aliens!  There were five different ones that were shipped out.  Super gald I got the alien!

V has stole him.
I feel like I am about to let my friends down.  I have NOT seen Firefly.  I KNOW! I KNOW!  It is on Netflix!  I'll watch it Kristin.

This month everyone got a "Mal" action figure from Funko (Lootcrate exclusive) and some bank robbery money!  Do you think they take that at Starbucks?

I had to swipe the magnet off the fridge when V wasn't looking.  That is a retro arcade Star Wars magnet!  They included some digital loot this month.  There is a code on the back for Halo Escalation Comics!  I love getting the extra digital loot.  For some reason having a code makes it seem cooler.  Like, I have something special if that makes sense.

PopRocks....I LOVE poprocks.  These are definitely being thrown in my bag for my trip next week. You can never go wrong with popping candy!
 Last, but most definitely NOT least, I got Han Solo.  While it isn't the ACTUAL Harrison Ford in a box, this is still pretty cool.  I redid the kids room this summer. I think this will look awesome in their Lego area!
Another awesome month. If I find my Tribble I will take a picture and post it on INstagram! Next month is FEAR.

 October's crate includes a bunch of exclusives, a shirt, and is SUPER heavy!  If you like Sharknado you will want to get in on this one!  Use the code FEAR to save 10%!  YOu can sign up HERE.

I received a box for review purposes, but all opinions are totally my own.  So are all the sads of of kids swiping my stuff.

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